5 Monsoon Makeup Tips


5 Monsoon Makeup Tips


Hey everyone, how are you? Monsoon is officially here now. Yayyyyyy! All of us were waiting for the rains to start and temperature to drop down so that we can get out of the comforts of our home to the beautiful world. 🙂 I remember I did a Summer Make-Up post earlier so today it’s time to celebrate the Monsoon with Make-up. Monsoon is also not a very Skin friendly or Make-up friendly season but then we can’t leave our love for Monsoon and at the same time no-one wants to look muddy so let’s see these tips and I hope they help you to look beautiful as ever.

Go Easy On Foundation

Okay! Let’s start with the base first. Avoid foundations as much as you can in the monsoons but if you can’t then apply a very thin layer of it as thick layer will get gunky and patchy when it comes in contact with water. And if you can, then apply BB or CC creams and look natural J you should always apply a loose powder in the rainy season whether you’re applying a BB cream or foundation. As your skin tends to get more oily and shiny in rains so powders will help your make-up last long. But please make sure you just dab a thin layer because I don’t want powder dripping from your face when you let loose in the rain 😉 😛


Revlon Photoready BB Cream Review


Opt For Primers

As I told you earlier that our skin secrets more sebum/oil in the rainy seasons so primers can be your best friends. If you are an oily skinned beauty then you should use a silicone based matte finish primer before applying any makeup. And if you have dry skin then you can go for those hydrating primers 🙂 the primer will prevent your makeup from dripping 😛 and it will last long. 🙂


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Say No To Gloss

Avoid those sticky glosses please :-/ and those shimmery lipsticks as well. Keep them for upcoming winters 😛 don’t throw them na :-D. the idea is to keep everything natural and nothing that looks made up. Also the glossy or creamy lipsticks smudge away from water. So you should use long-lasting liquid or matte lipsticks. And if you really want a gloss then make sure it is a very sheer one. Nothing that attracts your hair to stick on your lips 😛 God! I just hate that. :-/


5 inglot 3d lip gloss


Keep Everything Powdery

Bring out all those powder blushes and eyeshadows. And use more natural colors in the Monsoon as you’re opting for a rain friendly natural look. Go for pinks, peaches and browns as they look more natural and it’ll not be a problem if they fade or wash off a little bit due to the water. And blend those blushes really well so that it doesn’t look like a blob of color on your cheeks 😛




Waterproof Is The Word

Take a break from your Kajals and Kohls and use waterproof eye-liners and mascaras to make your eyes pop out in the lovely weather without fearing that it’ll smudge badly and give you raccoon eyes+black tears 😀 Deadly combination it is, and perfect for Halloween. So avoid looking Halloween ready and go for everything that’s waterproof. It’s high time you use that stuff 😛




I hope you like all the tips that I shared with you and I had a lot of fun writing this. See you next time beauties :-* :-*

What more do you follow during monsoon?

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  1. Thanx for the post Ayusshi…I went to bazaar an hour back, and was checking this post on my tab, the moment I entered the shop I saw a BB cream over there, at that very instance I got a one for me for these monsoons 🙂

  2. Really helpful post. I just grab my sunscreen or at times I just add a bit of foundation to moisturiser and apply it. Monsoons are very boring for me this year…..


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