5 Must Have Eye Liners Types


5 Must Have Eye Liners Types

Eyeliner is one such makeup tool which is quite common among women. Eyeliners do not require you to be a makeup freak and these are often considered to be first step in makeup. You got to trust me on this, a girl first gets into the world of eyeliners and later comes the alluring world of lipsticks, though there can be exception in this case but facts too say that eye liners are usually the first makeup that a girl tries, of course they come second to nail polishes.



A woman can leave house without a compact, but you will always find an eye liner in her bag. What makes eye liners such a popular makeup product is their versatility and power to play with looks. An eye liner can make your eyes look big, make eyes look smaller, give a dramatic look, smokey look or an edgy look etc. You see the list actually is never ending and I actually feel that few looks are still undiscovered.

Just like an eye liner can create various types of looks, it too comes in various types and forms. You can choose any among these depending upon your usage, skin type etc.

Have a look at the most popular five types of eye liners:

Pencil Eyeliner

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Well this is the most common types of eye liner. I suggest if you are new to the eye liner world and seek a little practice in eye liner application, then eye pencils are your best bet.

Eye pencils either come in the traditional pencil form that needs to be sharpened or in a twist up pen form. The twist ups are gaining popularity to its easy usage and no mess of sharpening.

Eye pencils are easier to use and give you full scope to rectify any miss application, though there staying power are at times a little low but they are good way to have a soft daily look. These eye liners also come in handy for tight lining purposes. Pencil liners can easily be worked on upper lash line, lower lash line and water line.

Liquid Eyeliner

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These are the second most popular types of eye liners. Liquid liners usually come in a bottle and has a brush attached to the cap. Though they are very popular but they are equally difficult too. You really got to have a statue steady hand to work with these eyeliners. These eye liners look only good when they are evenly applies in a smooth stroke. Any uneven application snatches away the beauty of these eye liners. These eye liners are good for creating dramatic looks and cat or winged eyes. Applying these on lower lash lines is absolutely a no, as these set up to very intense finish and any intense finish under your eyes will highlight your under eye circles.

These are often long lasting but are smudge proof, so no scope for smudging and getting a soft look.
Liquid eye liners also come in pen form; they are easier to use than the brush eye liquid eye liners. Pen liquid eye liners have a felt tip which makes it easier to apply.

Cream/ Gel Eyeliners

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These eye liners are very popular among makeup artists. These are very creamy and are a less difficult to use in comparison to liquid eye liners.

Cream/ Gel Eye liners come in a pot and you need to apply the eye liner with a liner brush. These types of eye liners are most versatile types and lasting too. You can create a variety of looks with it and even the looks that you would have created with liquid or pencil eye liners.

You can simply use them as eye liner or use them as an eye shadow base. Honestly gel/cream eye liners are my most favorite types of eye liners. But when in a hurry using gel eye liners might not be your best bet. Smokey eyes and gel eye liners go really well together.

Cake Eye Liner

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These are actually not so popular types, but are slowly attracting the masses. Cake eye liners come in a compact/pressed form like we have our compact/pressed face powders. The intensity of these liners is low but it is buildable with multiple layers of strokes.

These types actually look like inspired from the old cheat of eye liner application. Eye shadows are often used as eye liners, when used with moist lining brushes (the cheat that I was talking about). And the cake eye liners too give similar results, like that off an eye shadow. Moreover cake eye liners too can be used as eye shadows, so this really makes it a multi tasker and a must have.

Kohl Liners

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You love eye liners but do not have a kohl liner….. OMG… you surely must be kidding me!!!

Kohl eye liners have been the most popular eye liners since ages and actually were the only type of eye liner in ancient India.

Kohl eye liners are soft textures and are smooth to apply. They have intense pigments and have less chemicals, sometimes even without chemicals. I totally love the drama that these kohl liners create, but one really needs to be extra conscious with them as it is quite easy to go wrong with it and end up with raccoon eyes. These have less staying power too in comparison with other forms, but makeup brands are keen on improving their formulas and have some kohl liners with good staying power to offer us.

These were some must have eye liners, that every lady must have in her stash. It felt me really good while doing this article; I hope it was the same for you while reading this.

Which among these you already have?

Which eye liner type will are you going to get soon?

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  1. I love wearing gel l8ners and cryaon/pencil liner. Colorbar i glide isy fav😚. They hv various color options 😊😊


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