5 Must Have Lipstick Shades For A Woman


 5 Must Have Lipstick Shades For A Woman

Lipsticks have always been one of the most important and basic cosmetics used by women in India. The culture is nothing new to India and be it the quintessential Indian bride or the college girl, the Indian female always loved wearing lipstick.

So today I’ll be listing 5 basic shades that you must have in your vanity.

Sexy nudes

Simple in Nudes

Now you see it, now you don’t; and that is where the beauty of this sexy shade lies. If someday you feel like concentrating on your eyes, with pop of colors or heavily done smoky looks, then pretty nudes can complement the whole look beautifully.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Nude-ist Velvet Lipstick

A soft-rose nude would be perfect if you are fair, while a light orange tinge would gorgeously complement wheatish skin. For you dusky damsels, I would suggest something with brown undertones.

Classy Reds

favorite makeup with red lips

“Red lipstick is to women, what sports cars to men” -So rightly said. I have seen in some beauty news video tracking men’s eye movements, which shows women in red garnered a lingering 7.3 second gaze, while those wearing pinks and naturals got 2.2 seconds. But red lipstick is about more than just getting noticed.

nars mysterious red matte lip pencil (2)

A key to instant gorgeous glamour that brightens the face and can actually make you feel more confident. It is an ageless beauty wonder.

Pretty Pinks


Pink lipstick is a hot beauty trend that like bold reds will never go out of fashion. Pink lipstick is a universally loved color. From pretty baby pinks to flamboyant fuchsia, the options are too many. I feel pink is one color, no matter how bold it is, can be born at any time of the day.

Like red, there is a pink for everyone. So go and experiment to see which suits you the best.

Non-scary browns


There was a time when brown lipsticks used to scare me. I felt that it added decades of years to my age and made me look dull. I never thought that I would be that girl who would wear brown lipsticks. But gone are those days.

brown lipstick on olive skin tonesbrown lipstick on olive skin tones

With time I have realized that when it is the right shade of brown, it can look beautiful too. So invest in a shade of brown that looks flattering on you.

Bold Berry


Fall is the season to play with vivacious and bright colors. To me, it is the time of the year when you can happily sport all your favorite dark shades of lipsticks, and what can be better than a pair of perfect moist, velvety matte berry lips? But you can sport berry lips whenever you want. It is all about carrying confidently whatever you are wearing.


Beside these shades, get one each of coral, peach and burgundy lipsticks. They are worth trying. Coral is the new craze, peach is pretty and wearable and burgundy is too sexy.

Which of these lipstick shades do you love most?

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