5 must have make up brushes

Fashion in India has come a long way but still there is long journey ahead of us. Indian women now are comfortable using make up and don’t mind experimenting with colors. Be it nude make up for day or smoky eye make up, Indian women do want to give it a shot. Indian cosmetic market has developed but still make up awareness is least , leaving behind some professional make up saloon like loreal ,Lakme where people are trained but still there charges are exorbitant and frequent trips in these salon is not that affordable to many of us. Similar is the case in west but women there are aware of make up and how to apply it. Women who feel that make up doesn’t suit them are absolutely wrong. Its similarly like a painter saying that I don’t like to use colors in my painting. This is because they don’t know what product to use , what suits them and how to use it.

Biggest mistake which we do is that we spend so much money on makeup products but prefer not to buy make up brushes. Make up brushes are a powerful tool to get your make up right but so many of us just don’t know where to start and what brush to use. A good make up artist knows the importance of make up brushes.

So stop smudging your eye shadow and blusher with your fingers and invest in good brushes which lasts for years and requires minimum maintenance. Here is a list of basic brushes which every women must have .

1.Foundation brush-Foundation can be applied through wedges as well as sponges but a flawless look is created only by a foundation brush. This brush can be used with all types of foundations be it creams,liquids or solids. To know more about types of foundation click here. Foundation brush gives over all even coverage to the skin and covers all tiny cracks.

2. Powder Brush(Bronze brush)- After applying foundation powder brush helps t set the look and improves the look of the face. Using powder with hands or sponge increases the chances of bacteria .Outcome too is uneven. Powder brush is must to hide away those blemishes and give a flawless look to your face.

3. Blush brush- Some women don’t know where to apply blusher. Blushers is applied on the apple of your cheeks and to figure it out just look into the mirror and smile. You can easily come to know the apple of your cheeks this way .Put the blush on your brush and tap of any excess and apply it on your cheeks. Gently blend the color up cheek bones towards your hairline. This brush even distribute make up in the required area .

4. Eye shadow brush-What most women don’t know is that eye make up is just not worth applying if you don’t blend the eye shadow.This brush helps smudging the eye shadow nicely and give the desired look to your eyes. You can use the benefits of eyeshadow to make your eyes look larger, smaller, wider, farther apart, or closer together.Use cream eye shadow for a glossy look and liquid eye shadow for a shimmer look.

5.Eyebrowbrush-One of the most forgotten part of face is eye brows. Eye brow brush gives defines your brows and fill in the brows. All you have to make sure that the powder which you use in your eyebrows matches your brows. Generally brown,bronze and grey goes well with Indian skin tone. You can use your eye shadows to fill in your brows.

Lip brush is nowadays generally not preferred because once you apply the lip liner lipstick can easily be applied and gives a perfect look .There are other brushes too which are commonly used but above mentioned brushes are basic brushes without them a flawless make up is difficult to achieve.

Women who are more trendy and want to try out different looks in makeup can use other brushes as well such as angle brush(to line eyes and shadows),pencil brush(to give smoky look to your eyes) and blending brush(to blend crease and lid colors).



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