5 Nail Arts That Can Be Done At Home


5 Nail Arts That Can Be Done At Home

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Nail art….. we love them but we often do not get them done as the getting nail art done professionally at a nail salon is quite an expensive thing. It literally digs a hole in pocket and women at a budget simply cannot get a nail art done. So does it mean that the beauty of nail art is only for admiring for almost half of women???

No….. Not at all, nail art is all dependent upon creative mind and you can easily get it done at home at too.

Just a few nails paints, no major nail art tools and a firm hand is all you need. Fret not if you find yourself not very creative in imagining designs; we at wiseshe have a huge collection of DIY nail arts.

Out of the fabulous collection today I have picked five best and easiest nail art DIYs to show you all. So what are we waiting for, have a look at the beautiful and easy nail arts that you can do at your home, without spending too much.

Newspaper Nail Art


Newspaper Nail Art

This is my favorite and the most unique one too. For this Newspaper DIY all you need is simply a nail paint of your choice, some rubbing alcohol, newspaper cut into small pieces and of course a clear coat to seal the nail art. This is definitely one of its kinds and is pretty easy to do. One tip to make this nail art easier is to do only two nails at a time, that’s because the nail paint should onto be dry or overly wet so as to catch the newspaper impressions.

Butterfly Nail Art


Butterfly Nail Art

This nail art is not at all complicated though the butterfly on nails may look so. Getting the butterfly is not something that calls for a task, you can easily get a fruit/film stick or can also purchase those already cut and sold in markets, and these are not expensive at all. For this DIY you will need little sponge, two nail colors, a top/base coat, nail glue and the film stick. Please ensure to cut the film stick very thin or else it will not stick on nails.

Glitter Nail Art



Glitter is in and considering the trend we have a huge variety of nail paints offered by almost all brands. Glitter nail paints are an easy way to add glitz and glamour to the nail art look; alternatively you can also use the glitter powder. For this nail art all you need is two different nail paints, a top & base coat and some glitter powder.

Cute Panda Couple Nail Art



This is ohhhh so cute, I can’t take my eyes off this nail art picture, I mean you got to agree that the panda with a red bow is very cute…. Before my “Cute” count increases let me straight away tell you all what all you need for this nail art DIY. It may look that this nail art needs an artist’s hand, but trust me this is really very easy to do. All you need are four nail paints a pink, a white, a black & a red nail paint, a toothpick and a top/base coat.

Polka Dot French Manicure Nail Art



If you are someone who is not much into much of a nail art and still want a little different element to your nails, you can try this nail art DIY. This very easy; simply design some polka dots on French manicured nails.

I hope you all like these easy nail arts that can be done at the ease of your home without spending many bucks. Also you can browse through numerous nail art DIYs’ collection that we have on wiseshe.

Did you like these nail art ideas?

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