5 Nail Care Tips


5 Nail Care Tips


So last time I did a post on Summer Skin Issues and their fixes and it was quite liked by you all. Girls I have really long and strong nails so I thought of sharing my nail secrets with you. Though your nails reflect what you eat but you if you don’t really have great nails then you improve them by reading my tips. And I already love you for reading it till the end(*I know you will*) 😛


Keep Your Nails Short


Hydration Baby!

Like you skin your nails need moisture too. Get yourselves those hand creams or just any regular moisturizing cream and put some of it on your nails as well. Applying nail remover numerous of times leaves our nails dry and brittle. If you don’t get time to moisturize your nails specifically then rub your daily body lotion or face cream on them.


Loccitane Hand Cream Desert Rose


Soak Up Your Nails

Hehe I am giggling while writing this due to my rock solid nails either the nail cutter breaks or else my nail cracks 😛 So what I do is I soak up my nails in water before cutting them, this makes my nails soft and they become easier to cut and file. Yay! And I cheat my nails when I don’t have time, I cut them after shower 😀

Push It!

If you don’t have time to get a proper manicure done then atleast push your cuticles back with a cuticle pusher. Do this while your nails are soft, if you got time to do this then apply any cream on your nails and then soak them in water. The accumulated dead skin will get soft and will be easier to push back. If you don’t get rid of that dead skin timely then it will keep on jamming on your nails.


Colorbar Emery Tipped Cuticle Stick


Clear Polish

Nothing looks worse than chipped polish but everyone knows that a manicure doesn’t last. Using clear polish gives your nails a smooth, shiny finish and even if it does start chipping, no one will be able to tell. A good choice would be a nail polish that lasts long. This will also prevent your nails from getting yellow. And ladies give your nails a day off from colored polish weekly. Nail paints have acetone in them anyhow and it isn’t healthy for your nails :-/


good basecoat and topcoat


Instant Filer

Earlier I used to carry a nail-filer in my pocket everywhere for those ugly chips it can happen anytime :/ and if you don’t fix it with a filer then you may have to completely cut your nail off. Well what I do now is I don’t carry any filer, I just rub my chipped nail on my jeans if in case my nail chips. Results aren’t as good as a filer but then this is an emergency fix, your nail won’t completely break atleast. 😛

Hope you liked today’s post J Fingers crossed! And do share your tips with me, I want stronger nails 😛

Do you have more to add to this tips list?

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  1. I had a very bad habit of biting nails till 12th then, I made sure to curb this habit and had always applied nail hardner clear nail polish. You could find me biting nails when I am tensed 😛 I always apply nail paint in my exam days ..hehe 😛 great post ayu :*

    • Thankoo my sweetheart :-* U knw even i had this ugly habit of biting my nails. And I used to envy those girls with beautiful nails :/

      • Even I used to think how they maintain such beautiful nails, mine would break soon as they grow. Thankfully, now I have good strong and nice nails 😀


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