5 Nail Trends That Are In This Summer!


Hello, Nail Art lovers!

Nail Art is something which we all love and summer is the time to flaunt those gorgeous and colourful nails. Though I know nude and pastel nail paints are making their comeback, still colourful and bright hands have their own charisma which none can compete. Though I am not a nail art person myself, I love to see those designs and drawings on other’s which is why I have brought this post for all those ladies who love to be in trend for nail arts. Dig in!

5 Nail Trends That Are In This Summer:

Cheeky Tints

A blush on your nails? Not exactly! This cheeky nail trend is trending all over Asia due to its feminity and summery vibes. Simply dab a Coral Nail Lacquer on the centre of the nails as if to give the nails a flush of colour. This looks so simple yet amazing!


Circles are everywhere in trend. From bags to nail arts, this spherical shape is omnipresent. Circle shape lends a very beautiful feature to the nail and also accentuates the effects. This can be done either by using a head pin or the end of an eraser.

Free Form Negative Space

Free Space Negative Form designs are simple, affordable and great for summers. Just take a white nail paint and draw random patterns on bare nails and make sure, the pattern is as bold as possible. It will look anything but boring.

That 80’s Gradient

Gradient Nail Effect or Ombre Colours are in vogue since long and it is no showing no signs of going away! The nail colours of this season have ombre but with unexpected colours. You can even choose the deadly combo of Red, Blue and Hot Pink!

Rainbow Stripes

Rainbow stripes are never out of trend. Start with the sheerest and lightest colour and move to the darkest. This will prevent any kind of smudging and will also help to make the appearance better, Also, make the lines random so that it looks even more natural and will hide any mistake whatsoever.

That’s all ladies! Be stylish always <3

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