5 Natural Facial Scrub Recipe


5 Natural Facial Scrub Recipe

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We all know the importance of scrubbing. Right? Scrubbing removes dead cells, oil and dirt, opens up the pores, let’s your skin breathe, in short keeps your skin healthy.

Natural Facial Scrub Recipe

There are an assortment of scrubs by renowned brands available in the market. But unfortunately they all have some chemical or other in them. And any chemical no matter how skin friendly they say it is, does harm your skin eventually with prolonged use. So the best solution is to go natural. There a innumerable options in your kitchen itself. Starting from gram flour, sugar, red lentil,oats, cinnamon powder, etc. All these work as excellent scrubs, plus they help you combat with various skin issues like acne, sunburn blemishes, and gives you a glowing, soft, beautiful diva like skin. Goes without saying that instead of wasting your money buying chemicals in the name skin care, try out these simple facial scrub recipes.

Red lentil scrub

red split lentils for skin care

Take about 5-6tbsp of red lentil or Masoor Daal and keep it soaked it water over night. This helps to grind the dal. Now run this through a grinder or you can use the old fashioned morter and pestle. If you want ( that’s what I do) add 2-3 tbsp of fresh milk into this. Or you can also use it just like that. This works as an excellent scrub for all skin types. Red lentils have a unique property of brightening the skin and it leaves you with a soft radiant squeaky clean skin

Lemon & Sugar scrub

lemon and cucumber shampoo

Take half of a lemon and press it lightly so that some of the pulp gets smashed and let’s out some juice. Now place this lemon half on some sugar so that they get stuck on the lemon half. Now take this sugar coated half and gently rub it on your face. Keep rubbing till the sugar melts.

The sugar acts as a mild scrub while lemon juice clears your face off the blemishes and acne. This scrub also helps you control excess oil secretion. Hence it is a great scrub for those with a oily skin.

Gram flour scrub

gram flour

If you as me this is the cheapest and best scrub which can be used on any skin type. Depending on your skin you can either add lemon juice(for oily skin), milk(for dry skin) and rose water(for normal skin).

Take 2-3tbsp of gram flour and to it add 4-5tbsp of lemon juice/milk or rose water. Rub your face gently with this mix and wash off.

You will be left with a gorgeous, squeaky clean skin.

You can actually replace gram flour with your regular face wash.  This will give you amazing results. Within just week you will notice the difference in your skin tone and texture.

Dry/Fresh Orange Peel Scrub

orange peel powder

During the winter months you can go for the freshly grounded orange peels and for the rest of the year you can use the sun-dried peels.

For this  take 2tbsp of orange peel paste or powder and mix it with 3-4 tbsp of fresh milk. This will give your skin an amazing glow. For dry peel powder just sun dry the peels and grind them. As simple as that.

Cinnamon Powder and Honey scrub


If possible get raw organic honey for this. Works even better.

Just take 1tsp of cinnamon powder and mix it with 1tbsp of honey. Rub your face gently with mix leave it on for 5mins and then wash it off. This scrub is especially for pimple prone skin. Cause cinnamon is known for it’s anti-bacterial property.

These were some of the simple homemade facial scrubs you can use every day without the worry of any skin damage.

Which scrub are you going to try?

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  1. Apart from cinnamo scrub…. i hve used all of these, infact i keep switching between them as per my liking!!


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