5 Natural Hair Rinse For Shiny Hair


By Prerana,

Hair Care With Hair Rinse

Hair rinse is an  important part of washing hair. A good hair rinse  promote healthy and shiny hair.. So what is Hair rinse actually? It is basically the product you use to coat your hair after shampooing! Conditioners are more familiar hair rinse to you. But you can also make use of many natural / home made hair rinse which I’m gona talk about today.

The property of Hair rinse should restores the acid-alkaline balance of the scalp, which gets disturbed shampoos and hard water of your supply. Hair rinses gives luster and volume to hair. There are two types of hair rinses natural and chemical:-

Chemical rinses: Conditioners
Conditioner moisturizes the hair. But all of them are chemical based.

Natural Rinses –

Natural rinses are made from natural herbs. Natural rinses are better then chemical rinses coz natural rinses stimulate blood circulation while chemical rinses just cover the hair with protective layer. If you want long hair then use natural hair rinse as they promote hair growth&give nourishment to hair follicles.

How to make natural hair rinse
Take the herb and boil it with one mug of water for ten minutes and then strain it. Let it cool and apply it into hair and leave it on hair just like regular conditioner. It is not to be washed with water, just let it dry.

Some Home made hair rinse –

You can use some ingredients which are easily found for hair rinses.
Tea rinse This works great for hair. To make a tea rinse, boil tea leaves in required quantity of water and strain. Cool and apply like a conditioner to your hair, no need to wash off

Hair care with hair rinse

Lemon rinse

To make lemon rinse add lemon juice to a mug of water. (No need to boil this like tea leaves) Use this rinses as the last rinse while shampooing / washing hair. It is good rinse for oily hair. Citrus nature of lemon juice will resist the scalp to become oilyJ


Lemon hair rinse

Beer rinse

Some of u must be shocked and some of u must be knowing it already!! Beer gives bounce and shine to the hair. Rinse your hair with beer after shampooing hair and re-rinse hair with warm water. Beer rinse work as a setting lotion if u are addictive to use hair-dryer. Along with this you can moisturize your scalp with honey, if you are suffering with too much dryness of scalp



Bear hair rinse

Birch Leaf rinse –

To prevent hair loss Birch Leaf Rinse is nice home remedy if done regularly. Hair becomes soft, shiny and manageable. It can also darken the blonde hair.

Birch leaf rinse

Chamomile Rinse

I too do this rinse to relax my scalp. Blonde highlights can also be lightened with its use. For this take Chamomile flowers in a pan with 2mugs of water, boil for 10 min in low flame, strain and cool. Use it as a last rinse after shampooing


flower hair rinse


Sage rinse –

Buildup of oil on scalp can be reduced with sage rinse.Using it for three weeks after shampooing, and you will notice a difference.

Linder flower hair rinse

Linder flower rinse –

Linden Flower rinse gives shine to dull hair. It improves blood circulation in the scalp and helps to improve the health of hair.

Vinegar hair rinse-

To remove dandruff and removes excess oil and flakes from scalp, vinegar rinse is excellent. It prevents the bacterial growth, hair loss and dandruff by bringing back Ph to normal. Just mix 1 cap vinegar to I mug of water during bath and rinse the hair.

Avocado conditioner –

Mix coconut milk with mashed avocado and beat it to make a paste. Apply it on hair and rinse it after 15 minutes. This is nice natural home made conditioner for hair.


Avocado as a conditioner


Have you ever tried natural hair rinse? Try it to see the difference and share your experiences..

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  4. nice post girlie. but what is birch ?

    i use apple vinegar as a last rinse. it works wonders but too much use may dry out hair


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