5 New Beauty Buys To Make Note Of


There are finally some new beauty goodies that have entered the market and after seeing them online I just had to do a compilation for all of us..

1. Bioderma Sensibo H2O Cleanser: –


I recently saw this on Nykaa and was pleasantly surprised! This is the 2nd Micellar cleanser to hit the Indian market after Vichy and is said to be really good for the skin. Check it out.

  • Price: 100ml for INR 599 & 250ml for INR 860




2. Nivea Lip Butters: –


With winters around the corners, we are all bound to start stocking up on some lip balms. Nivea has come out with some new variants in a tub form. The ones spotted on Purplle.com are in the flavours Caramel cream Kiss and Raspberry Rose. I have a lemming for the Caramel one..What about you?

  • Price: INR189 for 16.7gms



Nivea lip butters


 3. Tresemme  Keratin Smooth Hair Care range: –


The minute I saw the AD for this I wanted it..Tresemme has been superb for my hair and with my post pregnancy hairfall, this Keratin infused goodness is exactly what I need! Spotted on Purplle.com this shampoo & conditioner comes in different sizes of 100ml & 225ml so you can try them out.

Price: 100ml for INR 80 & 225ml for INR 160 (same prices for both the shampoo & conditioner) available online.




Tresemme keratin smooth

4. L’oreal Glam Shine Lip crayons: –


While even Lakme has jumped on the lip crayon bandwagon with a price tag of 600bucks, it’s come as a pleasant surprise to see L’oreal come out with the same but just for 400bucks! I half expected this to be an error on the site but turns out its true! Available in 4 shades, this winter, L’oreal is all set to give us a liplicious treat!

  • Price: INR400 availablehere  on Purplle.com

loreal glamshine



5. L’oreal Miss Paradise Nail Art stickers:


Another winner from L’oreal to prettify your nails…this time they have launched brand new designs which are bound to strike your fancy. Ideal for those who have time constraints or have a party to go to with hardly any notice, these are made for you! Check them out on Purplle.com.

  • Price: INR 299


loreal miss paradise



So what are you planning to buy? Any other new goodies you’ve scouted?



  1. Did you know the most cleansers work on the basis of micellar mechanism? Even our basic ‘soap’ works through micellar action. It’s a bit disgusting and condescending when companies try to sell off their products by adding technical jargon hoping that unassuming consumers buy it for their seemingly ‘new or fancy technology’.

      • Yes dear… just google micellar action.. or micellar mecahnism of soap.
        Or read it in my words here: Micelles are formed by any molecule which has a hydrophobic ( water repellinh) and hydrophyllic ( water loving) character. So in a solution in water,the water repellent areas bundle up together with the water loving ends pointing outwards in contact with the water. This is called a micelle.. And the dirt, which is usually ‘hydrophobic’ like oil, is trapped in the middle of the micelle, or the micelle is formed around it. The dirt is thus lifted away through micellar action.

        • But of course Anamika, it’s fun to try out new products! Just saying that they should resort to better marketing tactics, say in this case, by specifying how the micellar action is different in their product, what chemicals make it different and more gentle etc.

    • so true..the oils in the soap and water on our face whilst rinsing, help in the same way a colloidal suspension of oil and water would work..i find that my soulflower soaps take off any makeup in the basic cleansing routine..i switched to soulflower to try out natural soaps & i’m hooked! Cleans every last trace of makeup so well..i’m sure any soap would do that since cheaper ones contain mineral oils neway, so the micellar equation is applied again..:(

  2. Omg 😮 can’t believe loreal’s lip crayons so cheap, will pick them up and nivea lip butters look so yum :p Thx fo the super post 😉

  3. Hi, Just to let all you lovelies know, a few days back I had ordered the Nivea Lip Balms from Purplle.com. I had ordered for the Raspberry Rose, my order was confirmed over the email. After a few days i called them to check on the status, the impatient me !!!. To my horror they tell me that they have thousands of these pieces lying in their warehouse but all of expiry date. Yes u heard that right. Spoke to at least 3 people there( Rekha, Prasad & Mitul) Yes have all their names saved. And now it shows OOS on Purpple. i mean how can they do this? Purplle is the most pathetic site to ever shop from, they keep promising you that your order will arrive in the meantime u would prob travel another country & pick it up yourself.Google the reviews on Purpple.So pls be cautious when u order

  4. I need that cleanser . but bought nivea lip balm. raspberry rose. the other one was nt available.
    but I did nt like it . it gives a whitish cast on my lips .


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