5 New Hairstyle Trends This Season



5 New Hairstyle Trends This Season


Trend have been predicted about the hairstyles. Some are new and some are a new take on old trends. You should keep trying new hairstyles as it changes your look and also enhances your mood.

If you are always up for latest trends then this list is for you. These looks were shown on runways around the globe and now you can make them your own-

Voluminous Straight Hair


latest hairstyles 2014

Poker straight hair need not fall flat this season. Add a lot of volume at your crown after straightening your hair. This way you will have the best of both worlds.



hairstyle trends 2014

Various styles of knots are In right now. You can make windswept knots or sleek ones. When it comes to placing the knot, try on top of head or at the back of head.



polished waves 2014

Even though straight hair with volume are here, waves are very much trendy as well. Waves are meant to go wild in general but not this season. Make waves but keep them in place.



latest braids


The hottest things- the braids have renovated themseleves. The cult favourite fishtail has gone half up-half down way. Another trend is to add a lot of twist in your braided hairstyle. The simplest way to embrace this trend is to make a braid and wrap it in a bun.

Centre Parting

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Centre parting is back with a bang. Many years ago it was Aishwarya Rai who brought it back but now big fashion houses are loving this style. Do not think that sleek hair will look boring with centre-part. You can make your hair either super-slick or let them go wild after parting them from the middle.

Which is your favorite hairstyle?

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