5 New Makeup Trends Which You Must Check Out


5 New Makeup Trends Which You Must Check Out

Hello there women!

I am sure you are all always updated on the latest happenings in the makeup world. The various things which are happening around us are all on our tips and aspirations list already. But just to check the same and to have a common patch, I am sharing the latest trends which we definitely should be checking out. All these are handpicked from International and national fashion lifestyles just to be on the same page with what is going on around us. I am not too sure how much of these would you be finding convincing and to be followed but it is my honest attempt to bring forth something interesting for you to imbibe, as always.

Maybe we add something to our list this way 😉

Smokey eyes

smokey eyes pc

This for sure is up the cards and everyone is aware of it. It is something which is trending and therefore you see it everywhere. But to do it right is the thing we need to learn. I have already shared it in videos for you to learn. If you remember, I also shared a stencil aid eye makeup which you can touch upon here.

Cut Crease Eye Makeup

cut crease eye makeup

Very much known to everyone, this is another thing which is definitely on the cards for its trending popularity. You can use false eye lashes, do a winged eye makeup to decide the shape you want. You can learn it more by practicing it. Specially if your eyes are small, you can definitely go for this makeup.

Stained Lip Colors

stained lips

Use of bold colors like red and black is in trend. You cannot ignore the matte, glossy and shimmery lip colors that would leave a stain on your lips leading to a longer lasting lip colors and style for a longer duration. The colors that are trending need to be carefully picked as the trend goes.

Nude Makeup

nude makeup

This one is a trend for long. First because it is something which comes naturally to us and second because, it looks really stylish. Use of less foundation, less contouring and even less amount of blush defines this look. You can also substitute mascara with shimmery eye shadows and enhance your look naturally. Kohl and liners alone are also doing the role of a perfect eye makeup in a nude mode.

Blue Eye shadows

Ocean-blue-eye-makeup-look-+eyeshadow for black eyes blue

This is another trend which is seen as a popular thing around. Use of blue eye liners and blue eye shadows is what you find everywhere. This is not something very new but it is now hitting the fashion scene quite wildly. People are actually going blue and loving it to the core. Not only plain liners but you can also find winged eye liners in blue trending.

These are the five makeup trends which are doing the rounds everywhere you see. Page 3 parties, magazines like vogue or even movie scenes, you would find these trends following you everywhere or maybe you following them here and there. These are a must try. All you need is a bit of practice and once you master this, you can always go for it whenever you want to.

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