5 No Makeup Looks Of Kareena Kapoor



5 No Makeup Looks Of Kareena Kapoor

Hindi films were an essential part of our growing up years and in these years I have realized that right makeup is the key to the gorgeous looks of our Bollywood beauty queens.

Kareena Kapoor is known for her style and perfect makeup in the film industry. Her faux passes were less terrible and more tolerable than others.


Kareen Kapoor no makeup look1


Anyway, in today’s post I’ll be covering Mrs. Saif Ali Khan’s appearances without makeup. She even dared to go sans makeup onscreen in films like Dev and portions in Jab we met.

I happened to see her once in the airport sometime around last year, she was completely without makeup and I was like “wow”. She is soooo fair with a naturally flawless skin and even without any makeup she looked pretty, sweet and adorable.

Anyway, lets go through some of her “no makeup” appearances.


Kareen Kapoor no makeup look2


These pictures though were taken almost a decade ago, but they are my favorite pictures of Kareena without makeup.
She looks sooo bubbly and cute and I feel the need of no makeup here.


Kareen Kapoor no makeup look3


Kareena Kapoor was spotted at the screening of Saif Ali Khan’s movie “Go Goa Gone” on May 9th 2013 at the Light Box theatre in Santacruz Mumbai. Kareena appeared sans makeup and simple outfits. She wore her favourite skirt from Zara and a simple grey collared T-shirt.


Kareen Kapoor no makeup look4


Now this de-glam look of Kareena did surprise me. I agree I liked her even without makeup on, but in these pictures she looks weary and drained and sleep deprived. She was spotted in airport at that time


Kareen Kapoor no makeup look5


mmmm… don’t exactly know where was the picture taken. But this woman has some “worth to envy” facial features. Beautiful pair of eyes, high cheekbones that are naturally contoured and a pretty sharp nose (Thanks to the knieves..!!).


Kareen Kapoor no makeup look6


She was again spotted with Saif Ali Khan and without makeup for the premier of the Hollywood movie ‘The International’ at Cinemax, Andheri. She wore blue jeans and pretty pink t-shirt. A chequered stole completed her look for the evening.

What I like about this actress going completely sans makeup in public is that despite of knowing she’ll be scrutinized and criticized for this, she is bold enough and dared to show off dark circles and freckles like the true diva she is. 🙂

Which is your favorite look of Kareens Kapoor without makeup?

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