5 NYX Mini Nail Polish Review & Nail Swatches


5 NYX Mini Nail Polish Review & Nail Swatches

Here are few of the beautiful nail shades from NYX reviewed on the blog. Have a look and pick your favorite color

NYX Mini Nail Polish In Pistachio


nyx mini nail polish pistachio nails

The shade is a pretty light teal blue shade or light aqua green as you may imply. The shade is undoubtedly very pretty and if you are fan of coral green shades then you will definitely like this shade to the core.

The nail paint has a decent consistency and is neither very thick or runny.  The super dry formulation and texture is surely commendable.

NYX Cosmetics Mini Nail Polishes In Surf & Turquoise Glitter


NYX Surf & NYX Turquoise Glitter NOTD


NYX Surf is a subtle and gorgeous aqua-mint shade color which looks really very chic and is a very playful shade when combined with NYX Turquoise Glitter and make your nails party ready.

NYX Surf requires a couple of swipes to go opaque on nails due to its thin & runny consistency. The applicator brush is soft and smooth and picks up right amount of nail polish to be applied on the nails. It is quite convenient to use. This mini nail paint will last about 5-6 uses!

NYX Cosmetics Mini Nail Polish Coral Sensation


nyx mini nail paint coral sensation


The shade Coral Sensation, as the name suggests, is a light coral pink shade with a shiny finish. The shade is going to appeal to all the soft pink shade lovers, be it lipsticks or nail paints.

These nail polishes have an optimum consistency and the texture is just perfect to ensure a smooth and easy application of the nail paint in a single swipe.

NYX Cosmetics Mini Nail Polish In Soft Pink


nyx nail enamel soft pink


The shade soft pink as the name suggests is mainly a warm toned very light baby pink color with slight peach hints.

The texture of these nail paints is absolutely gorgeous and gives a uniform coat of color on the nails in a single coat. For shades which are light, going for two coats will make the shade look deeper and obvious.

NYX Cosmetics Mini Nail Polish In Lavender Pastel


nyx mini nail polish lavender pastel


The shade Lavender Pastel as the name implies is mainly a light baby pink hue with light hue of lavender it it. It is a perfect pastel shade for the summer season. The shade looks quite girly and tends to give a glossy shine when applied on the nails. A singe coat of this nail paint will show up beautifully but second coat will make it a little deeper and more pretty.

Have you tried any of these NYX nail polishes?

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