5 Oily Hair Hairstyles You Must Check Out


5 Oily Hair Hairstyles You Must Check Out

Oily hair are a big issue specially when you want to get ready within minutes and you find them totally unfriendly. One needs to, therefore, know a few hacks to be ready in minutes with some or the other hairstyle which could save you from embarrassment. Oily hair can happen a day after you shampooed your hair and this actually creates a lot of problem for us.

So today, I am sharing 5 such hairstyles and would request you all to share more if you know some, so that we could help each other in looking stylish at all times.

Top bun

hair style
This is the safest style as it looks perfect and made for oily hair people. This one does not need any preparation or anything and is just stylish. Make it and wear it with any kind of attire and you are sure to be looking good as it is universally accepted as a style statement. Many celebrities including Jennifer Lopez is seen carrying this many a times.

Messy bun

messy bun
Another one which can hardly go wrong. This hairstyle is also a style statement and is accepted as a wonderful style. This one is also compatible to any kind of dressing style western, Indian or even Indo-Western.

Fishtail braid

braid hair
This style is gaining traction rather faster. Not that it is a new hairstyle as braids are pretty old but this style is becoming a trend and you find it as the new style to be followed. It needs some tactic to be made but once you learn it, there is nothing stopping you.

Side Braid

Another one from the Braid family this hairstyle is very good and easy to make. You can try rope braid or French braid put sideways as well. Braids are the best style to carry oily hair as this style needs all the sebum of your hair to look even better. Do try this whenever you feel your hair are not washed or you feel them to be sticky or greasy.

Braided bun


What can be better than a style like this? You will look rocking as it would be something different from the league, stylish and fashionable at the same time. Braided buns look very cool with office outfits and also they are definitely compatible with traditional dresses also. Easy to make and carry, this one surely is a big hit with people with greasy hair. Just do not forget to spray some dry shampoo if required.

I am sure you were aware of either all or most of these hairstyles. It so happens that we know the solutions to our problems but when the problem is actually surmounting on us, we forget that the solution also is present with us.

Next time, remember the blog and resort to it again using our search options and you will surely find these ideas waiting for you to pick your favorite style. I am sure there are more styles which can be done for greasy or oily hair and which are also easy to do by oneself. I will be glad to know about more such styles and definitely they would add to our bond even better. Do share your reviews!

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