5 Places To Buy False Eyelashes In India


5 Places To Buy False Eyelashes In India


When we do eye makeup, we love to use mascara for thick and long lashes. But mascara has its limitations and if you want really thick and glamorous eyes then fake eyelashes should be your tool of choice. Whether you have sparse lashes or just want a sultry look for your eyes, false eyelashes can take your look up by many notches. You can buy False Eyelashes in India from many places and some choices are here-


Price– INR 600

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If you want eyelashes of really good quality then you must visit Sephora. These are perfect for a glamorous look. These falsies come with glue so the price is not too much. These lashes give a natural look and make lashes look thicker and longer. The clear glue that comes with the lashes gives a strong hold.


Price– INR 400-600


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Another good option for buying good false lashes is Inglot. They have many varieties of eyelashes. You will get everything from light to heavy to dramatic eyelashes. Inglot eyelashes do not come with a glue and you will need to buy it separately. Inglot false eyelashes are soft and give a gorgeous look to eyes.


Price– INR 2400


mac eyelashes


MAC  false eyelashes are dense and make you look like a glam-doll. Each design of these eyelashes is nicely shaped to give a striking effect whether the look is natural or dramatic. MAC lashes are handmade and last long. You can choose from a variety of shapes and densities.



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ebay.in has a huge variety of falsies. Various brands are easily available here and that too for every budget. On ebay false eyelashes are available for as low as INR 145. You can get very good deals here and can get even MAC falsies for a very low price.

Ardell Eyelashes

Price– starting from INR 370


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Ardell eyelashes are very easily available online. You can buy them on jabong, snapdeal and flipkart. Ardell has many ranges namely Natural, Runway, Color Impact, Individual and Self-adhesive. Their Natural eyelashes enhance the natural beauty of eyes by giving length and fullness. Ardell eyelashes are safe for regular usage. The Runway range of eyelashes gives sensuous looks to eyes and makes you stand out. Even their self-adhesive eyelashes are reusable and safe.

From where do you buy eyelashes in India?

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  1. Once a friend of mine wore false lashes and went out for dinner with her husband. One of her lashes fell in her bowl of soup and she didn’t realise that. Her hubby yelled out loud” There is an insect in your soup, WHERE IS THE WAITERRRR????” ROFL!!! 😛 😀
    I want to try out fake lashes too but with precautions. lol

  2. Hi,

    I think this is a great article for shopping with stores in person. If you know what false eyelashes you want I find it easier to shop online for the best prices. I get all my eyelashes from a store called Lash Closet http://www.lashcloset.com It’s also a great place to learn about technqiues and the latest news on beauty.

  3. I am really not into false eye lashes by myself..I don’t trust my skills..i would prefer it done by someone else only on a wedding function or anything like that! nice post for those who wish to get their hands on these awesome ones!
    I like Ana’s studded wala lash!


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