5 Popular Hair Loss Treatments


5 Popular Hair Loss Treatments

Hello Ladies,

Hair loss is a very common problem these days. There are so many of us are constantly dealing to save the precious locks of hair. However it leaves them wondering where they are lacking behind in taking good care of the hair. Hair loss in women is mainly due to hormonal imbalances in the body maybe during & after pregnancy or genetic factors sometime! My sister in law experienced the most worse hair loss after the delivery of her baby & it was really stressful for her being in 30’s and losing so much of hair density! Also read Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment For Hair Loss

hair loss in women

Also the increasing stress & lack of proper nutrition is also responsible for excessive hair loss which may even seem to make you gradually bald with advancing age!

A lot of articles have been already dedicated on how you can make sure to eat healthy & use various DIYs to make your hair grow gradually but yes these methods take time & patience! A lot of it actually! But today we will know some more immediate & promising treatments which you can opt for in case your hairline is receding at a really fast pace and you hardly have any more energy left to try anything else! 🙁

hair loss in men

Here we will be discussing some really popular hair loss treatments about which you can know some basic things & then dig deeper in case you wish to go ahead with any of the treatments to treat your excessive hair loss pattern!

Hair Supplements

Hair Supplements are one of the initial treatments which most trichologists prefer to start with for treating hair loss! These can be multi-vitamins, Minerals, nutrients like Biotin which are responsible for the growth of hair & nails!

hair supplements

Mainly these supplements are Vitamins like Biotin, Niacin ( Vitamin B3), minerals (Zinc & Iron etc.) which you can easily consult with a hair specialist or dermatologist and start with them!

richfeel trichology hiar growth capsules

Homeopathic Medicine

This is a real experience which I am sharing of my own brother in law who has advancing MPHL (Male Pattern Hair Loss) and the symptoms include receding hair line, hair thinning on crown & hair parting! He is in his late 20’s and had been dealing with excessive hair loss in last two years. After all this decide to completely rely on Homeopathy for treating it!

homeopathic medicine

No hair supplements or hair care products! The medicines he credits to treat his hair loss problem are Thuja & Weisbaden but as a Homeopathic consultant, he advises to take it only after consulting an expert because any pre-existing disease may get triggered if it is taken without a doctor’s supervision!

thuja for hair loss homeopathy

Topical Solutions

A lot of counter-top products are there to treat excess of hair loss! These products are easily available from various expert centers like Richfeel, Dr. Batras etc.

topical treatment

Nizoral is also known to somewhat control hair fall and is basically an anti-dandruff & anti-fungal scalp cleanser because sometimes the cause of hair loss is believed to be due to scalp infections!

richfeel trichology hair care regime

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PRP Treatment

PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma and is a more elaborate procedure. It is useful when the hair loss is severe and you cannot treat it with any of the above methods. This method also finds its usage in dental surgery, cosmetic surgery & orthopedic treatments as well! 🙂

prp treatment for hair loss

The procedure involves the use of injections which are used to draw from the body & after separating the plasma rich platelets it is injected back into the scalp which helps in stimulating the blood around the scalp to promote the hair follicles to regenerate & grow which were not growing earlier!

prp treatment for hair

The process is harmless. They numb the scalp before the series of injections. But if you look closely it may appear scary. This is a very promising method to treat excessive hair loss in both men & women and you can sight visible difference in the hair density within a few weeks of getting started with this treatment!

Hair Transplant

This is the last resort for all those who have been dealing with hair loss  beyond control. Usually this is a very detailed form of hair restoration technique where you need to remove all the hair from your hair & then grown as grafts or strips of hair which are placed on the areas of baldness on the scalp! It is mainly a minor surgery where the patient awake for the entire process!

hair transplant hair loss treatment

Any type of hair loss & baldness can be easily treated with Hair Transplant and is very promising in case you have lost your hope to have natural looking dense hair on you! 🙂

hair transplant results

I hope you find these procedures useful enough to suggest to someone. It might be useful to someone who is dealing with similar hair loss problem. Also make sure to always seek an expert’s advise before taking any medicine or supplements.

Have you tried any of these Hair Loss Treatments before?


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