5 Pretty Maybelline Blushes


5 Pretty Maybelline Blushes


Maybelline has a lot of blushes on offer. The hot favourite these days is the Cheeky Glow range. Take a look at some of their great blushes-

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush Coffee Cake

Price- $8.29



maybelline bouncy blush


These blushes are dome shaped and really soft and bouncy. Formula is really smooth. This blush works the best with your finger and blending it out is super easy. It’s light weight and high in pigmentation. It gives natural flush to cheeks. It comes across as a peachy tan shade with slight gold hint to it. The staying power is very good.

Maybelline New York Expert Wear Blush Mocha Velvet 100

Price- $5.49



maybelline blush


It’s  a versatile shade which is appropriate for any type of highlighting even on your brow-bone. It is very travel friendly because of the packaging. Clear lid cover helps to identify the shade with a black plastic body. The texture of the blush is smooth and very soft. The softness of the blush helps blending it super fast. Do not feel chalky at all. Pigmentation is medium to buildable. Very soft and subtle shade which makes it wearable both day and night. It has fine shimmer particles which give a very soft sheen on face or where ever applied.

Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush in Creamy Cinnamon

Price- INR 225



mayelline cheeky glow


It comes in a white plastic case with a transparent flip-top lid that enables easy identification of shades. The blush itself has a raised dome shape that is characteristic of baked blushes. The packaging is compact and small enough to be carried in a purse. Creamy Cinnamon is a nude peach that is almost a dusty rose-coral without prominent pink undertones. This shade is great for neutral, no-makeup looks and will easily flatter all skin tones. Has a smooth texture that is easy to blend. Since the shimmer is not all chunky, it gives cheeks a mild flush with a subtle, satin-like sheen. It is non-comedogenic and dermatologically tested.

Maybelline Cheeky Glow- Fresh Coral Blush

Price- INR 225



maybelline fresh coral blush


It’s pinkish coral which is gorgeous and very versatile. One can apply just a bit for that natural day look as well as a nice visible coat which would definitely rock any evening party look. It has fine shimmers which add to the hue, and don’t show much when blended well. It has a natural finish and the texture is soft, smooth and blends evenly without much effort. It gives a nice glow, a perking up blush. It has fairly good colour payoff and 1-2 swirls on each cheek are enough. It stays for about 5 hours. It never settles into pores or lines.

Maybelline Dream Mousse Touch Blush No. 7

Price- INR 375



maybelline mousse blush


The blush comes in a round glass pot with a screw top lid of the colour of the blush which makes it easily identifiable. No.7 is a pink shade but with a hint of mauve. It has a shiny, almost frosty finish but once set it doesn’t look so and it does not look greasy. The shimmer is also very minute and hardly even visible. Its like a firm cream but not hard in anyway. Hence, the pigmentation is quite good. Blush can be built up easily. It gives nice satin finish. Shade 7 stays on for approx. 6hrs. and fades into a nice tint and as it fades the shimmers don’t pop out. Its highly pigmented and the mauvish tint is great. Shade 7 is a shade that would go with all skin tones.

Which is your favorite Maybelline blush?

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