5 Products For Brittle Nails


5 Products For Brittle Nails

Nails are really one of the most precious possessions of women as healthy beautiful nails surely add a lot to the overall personality. It easily gets noticed and has a certain attraction of its own. Well manicured painted nails are every woman’s desire but because the hand is practically used for almost all the household chores and many other things, the nails tend to loose the beauty within 2-3 days itself and they need a lot of care to make them look attractive always.

Well, due to the paucity time visiting the salon for a manicure and pedicure is not possible in the fast paced life. Also, the lack of proper moisturization and care for nails makes them turn brittle after a period of time and they are more prone to breakage with the slightest of efforts.

Here, I have few products which are renowned to be the leading nail care brands and these products nourish the nail health, make them soft and prevent them from breaking.

Sally Hansen Miracle Cure

The Exclusive Micro-Mineral Formula fills n cracks to instantly strengthen and reinforce nails. Instantly stops peeling, seals the nail plate and bonds layers together. Strong moisture magnets target severe dryness with intensive moisture. Natural proteins and powerful anti-oxidants penetrate the nail to help strengthen nails from within.

This is basically a base coat kind of product and treats the nails intensively after using it for a considerable time.

Price- INR 675

Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream

This is a rich, emollient formula deeply moisturizes and conditions rough, ragged cuticles. Massaging cuticles every night with Cuticle Massage Cream helps improve circulation and stimulate healthy new nail growth. Formulated with Apricot Extract to help soothe painful hangnails and prevent cuticle tearing. It is a waxy, creamy textured product and it tends to improve the dry cuticle issues in women which often leads to fungal infection in many women.

Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream Review+nail

Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream Review product in tub+nail care

Price- $4.24

Brittle Nail Solution – Flormar Nail Care No More Breaks

This is a great product for nails which have turned yellow and brittle and are prone to breakage. It is mainly used a s a base & top coat and it nourishes the nails making them quite strong so that they don’t break easily. Although it is not a miraculous product but still regular use of this product is surely going to develop stronger nails and will reduce the chances nail breakage every now and then.

Price– INR 75

Sally Hansen Natural Nail Growth Activator

This growth activator contains natural botanicals, sea minerals and vitamins to rehydrate and boost the growth of your nails. Dry and brittle nails are instantly provided hydration to make them glow with health. Be guaranteed with amazing nails in 5 days after using this Growth Activator. This Sally Hansen product is dermatologically tested and is made using a natural formula consisting of marine extract treatment that promotes the natural glow of your nails. This transparent blue solution goes clear over the nails. With this revolutionary formula, you can now flaunt your naturally long nails.

Sally Hansen Natural Nail Growth Activator

Sally Hansen nail growth Activator

Although the claim of nail growth in 5 days is not so true but the strength it provides to the nails is definitely something you would be looking for in case you have weak and brittle nails.

Price- INR 775 for 13.3ml You can buy this product from Flipkart.com here

Sally Hansen Nail Protex Vitamin Fortified Strengthener

This is a natural nail nourisher which conditions nails and provides strength to the brittle nails. It works on the fragile nails and brings back the natural beauty of the nails which have been damaged due to excessive use of nail lacquers over a period of time.

Sally Hansen Bail Protex vitamin fortified strengthener

Price- INR 575 for 13.3ml

Well, these were  few product suggestions for managing those fragile and brittle nails. I hope you like these! 🙂

Have you tried these products for brittle nails?

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