5 Products That Are Worth The Hype



5 Products That Are “Worth” The Hype


Hey Everyone! Continuing the “worth” series, I am back this time with products you love and deserve the hype they are getting. These products are also on the Expensive side but they are worth every paisa (*as we spend in Rupees :P*) we pay for them. So if you don’t own them you can definitely do it now 🙂 Let’s see these amazing beauties.

Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes

I had to start this post with the Naked Palettes, if you’re confused about spending so much of your money on eyeshadows then don’t be I am sure all those dupes are nowhere near the originals. They are beautiful, micro-shimmery,pigmentation to die for, and a love forever. I am a proud owner of Naked 3, I like the rosy hues more in everything 😛 . And if you’re not satisfied with my little description here, then read Madhubani’s review, she owns all 3 of them 😀 quite a pricey obsession though Madhu 😛 Anyways in my opinion there’s no-one in the world who doesn’t like their Naked Palettes , not talking about Naked Basics though.


Urban decay cosmetics naked3


Benefit’s Benetint

This is the one and the only our very own Benetint, no matter how many tints we use from The Body Shop or any other brand. The look and feel which Benetint provides is really gorgeous and natural. If done right (*which you have to practice a lot*) this product can give your cheeks a look as if you’re blushing for real. Plus it doubles up as a long lasting lip-stain too. So if you are unsure about it then try a travel size. I love my Benefit Pocket Pal, which has Benetint on one end and a transparent gloss on the other end. It is really good for people who want a natural look. For college goers like me, it is seriously a Make-Up boon. Well I am pretty sure that I am going to get a title related to Makeup on my Farewell next year 😀


BENEFIT Posietint Lip Cheek Stain Review+lip cheek stain


Beauty Blender

I am hopping on to this one really soon. Claimed as the miraculous foundation blender it works amazingly and satisfies all the claims. So if you’re done with the cakeyness of your favourite liquid foundis then try this one as your applicator. After seeing about a 100 videos I have reached to this conclusion that this is absolutely worth the hype 😛 And yeah you should spend 20$ on a sponge because apparently it will create the most beautiful canvas for you to play :P(*if this means something :-D*)


Original BeautyBlender sponge blender


Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer

This primer makes your skin feel baby soft, while also keeping your makeup on for at least eight hours. At $52 an ounce, it’s not exactly a bargain, but try to get a sample if you can. And if you don’t belive me then ask our Lipstick Queen Rashmi 🙂 she absolutely loves it (*yesh Rash Di, I stalked you :-P*)

. Be patient and keep rubbing you’ll get to see dead and dry skin falling from your feet.


Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer


Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush

These blushes are a love at first sight, what impresses me is the array of colours they have. Anyone can find their favorite and never seen before blush colors. And I am drooling over the coral red I saw (*don’t remember the name*), 12 hour may be a stratch of an hour or so but they do for a long long time. And the pigmentation is just superb.


tarte amazonian clay blush in natural beauty review+ tarte natural beauty clay blush


Please tell us the ones you like/dislike and your opinions.

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  1. Nice post babes:-*
    I have the dupe of beauty blender from buyincoins.com… It works very well too.:p
    I hope that the original hits indian market soon!!

  2. Gulp gulp ..

    I was half asleep when I was reading this actually making my kiddo sleep n then was feeling drowsy
    n thennn
    saw my name
    had to sit n comment ayushi 🙂

    Very well put together dear 🙂
    I need beauty blender in my life ….. it is such an aahhhmazingggg product 🙂
    n thank u for mentioning my name dear

    • You are an integral Part of WiseShe, I had to mention you 🙂
      Thanku for reading this, I feel special 😛 🙂

  3. Superb post, i should say what u said is true, i have naked 2, beauty blender, tarte amazonian clay blush, poise tint, they are worthy every penny, Recently bought hourglass primer in sephora with my purchase points for free, yet to try it, ur post making me more excited to use. Nice work Ayushi 🙂

  4. these are all worth the hype…love naked pallets, beauty blender and tarte blushes..yet to try benetint and the primer 🙂
    and thank you soo much for the mention 😀


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