5 Products To Get That Sun Kissed Look


5 Products To Get That Sun Kissed Look

Bronzers are the latest hit on the beauty block these days about which almost everyone is talking about. To achieve a natural sun kissed look, you don’t need to actually sit in the sun and get a tan but you can easily achieve the look with the help of contouring products like Bronzers. A sun kissed look simply means the look which appears to seem as sun rays naturally fall on your skin. Bronzers tend to fake the natural sun tan and let you create a sculpted face.

For the face to appear naturally Sun kissed it is essential to use a bronzer for contouring the bridge of the nose, cheeks, chin & neck. Perfect blending techniques are really going to help you in achieving the look, you are dreaming about.

Her I am listing down five different bronzers which are already reviewed on the blog, which will perfectly be able to impart the sun kissed look with the right contouring & blending knowledge.

NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in Sunny

Bronzers are mainly used to give a natural sun kissed look in an attempt to make the face look slim & sculpted against the flabby cheeks. Chiseled cheeks and structured jawline is what every woman dreams of and bronzers are exactly for the same purpose. This amazing bronzer lets you enjoy the perfect sun kissed look without even stepping out in the sun and getting a bad tan! The absence of any shimmer in this bronzer makes it perfect for any occasion irrespective of a particular skin tone.

NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder

NYC Bronzing Face Powder Sunny swatch

LAKME Gold Dust Shimmer Bronzer

The subtle shimmer based bronzer is perfect for the party look. It is great to be used to give a a warm glow to the skin especially during the winters. This bronzer tends to work amazingly well if the top layer of sheen is brushed off lightly. It blends really well and doesn’t look too obvious on the skin.
LAKME gold dust shimmer bronzer review
Best Lakme Gold Dust Shimmer Bronzer Review

Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Cream Rich Bronze

This is perfect to be used under the foundation as it doesn’t give the pinkish/whitish cast on the face and looks just natural. The amazing formulation tends to melt on the skin and appear the glow from within which is as natural as anything. The  texture is so smooth that it tends to look ultimately flawless and no patches to be seen on the face or skin.


Sonia Kashuk Bronzer 42 Rich Bronze


sonia kashuk creme bronzer swatch

This is probably one of the best bronzers one can get hold of, as it is devoid of any shimmers or sparkles and is easy to blend and will suit all the complexions to create the perfect contouring on the face. This is powder based but has the least fallout so be sure that it won’t be easily detectable. It is surely one of the basic bronzers one can get hold of to create a sculpted jawline and between the hollows of the cheeks to give a slim cheek effect without much effort. One of the best bronzers for the everyday contouring.
MAC matte bronzer review + mac makeup
MAC matte bronzer review + mac bronzer swatchMAC matte bronzer review + mac bronzer swatchMAC matte bronzer review + matte bronzer
This is comparatively a different and oil free bronzer which will compliment the olive skin tones. For skin tones darker than NC40 this, bronzer may not show up to create any gradient on the face, so those skin tones between NC35 to NC 40 will liberally enjoy the use of this oil free bronzer to create the perfect sun kissed look. One of the easily blendable bronzers, this is surely a great option to get a beautiful contoured face.
shiseido bronzer india
shiseido bronzer look
I hope these suggestions help you in getting the best bronzer for your skin tone so as to easily achieve the Sun kissed look.

What are your picks for the Perfect Sun Kissed Look?

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