5 Quick Makeup Fixing Hacks For Working Women


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If you are really busy, you will love this post. It is a ritual for a working woman to get up late (due to late night fun) and then rush for your workplace but do you want to look the perfect belle every day? Yes, you can and mark my words. There are some simple hacks for everyday life which include makeup too and if you can follow them, there’s no way the world can stop you. Listing 5 simple everyday makeup hacks made just for the busy you! Enjoy.

5 Quick Makeup hacks for Working Women

That perfect winged liner

If you are among them who are tired of balancing two winged liners during your morning hassle, here’s a simple hack to change your life. Use a credit card or spoon to draw the liner. A credit card helps to draw a straight line while spoon helps to draw a curved winged liner.

Keep things organised

If you run like a chicken in morning looking for your foundation and lipstick, then keep them organised beside your table at night to avoid any hassle. This will help to save your time and your effort too. Also, you can place your makeup removing wipes at your bedside to use them after you return.

For those beautiful curls

For those beautiful curls, there is a simple trick for it. Wash your hair at night and make a braid when it is still wet. When you will open the curls before going out, you will see naturally beautiful curls without spending time.

Make lips plump

You don’t need Kylie Jenner lips to have those plump lips in the morning. You can just add peppermint oil to your lip balm and then apply. Also, you can apply a lighter colour lip liner to outline the lips and then apply a deeper lipstick to make the lips look plumper.

For your nails

There are a lot of nail hacks for your morning routine. You can use baking soda to get rid of the yellow nails and also, make them shiny and strong. And if your nail paints chip too much apply glitter all over the nails. Glitter nails last longer than normal nail paints and if you want to have a boho look apply glitter at the roots.

That’s all folks!

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  1. Arey wah, kuch to mujhy pehle se malum tha baaki aaj aapki wajah se pata chal gaya, working to kya hum housewives k liye bhi ye bahut kaam ka artical hai
    Thanks a lot


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