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We constantly work and fight our way to be different from everybody else. Do things that others don’t do. Find our niche. This often reflects in things that we have, possess and would like to show off. A unique painting on the living room wall or the statement sari at a friend’s cocktail party or one of its kind hosted a theme party. We all want to be, do, want “Zara Hatke”

Off late I came across these few young entrepreneurs who dared to think out of the box, who are attempting at giving us that “Zara Hatke” thing.

In the order I came across them:-
Happily Unmarried

My source of knowing them:

A boutique store in Bangalore.

What I liked about them:

They are the oldest of the lot. Very innovative! Love some of their kinky stuff like the Mother-in-law dice, Very Hard Disk Covers, Beware of wife – Doormat, 1-2 cha cha cha mugs, Sandaas –Ashtray.Happily Unmarried_Sandaas Ashtray

Happily Unmarried_Very Hard Disk CoversHappily Unmarried_Beware of wife DoormatHappily Unmarried_1-2 cha cha cha mugsHappily Unmarried_Mother-in-law diceChumbak

My source of knowing them:

They are all over the town.

What I liked about them:

They have these lovely Indian animated motif oriented designs on their stuff like the Autowala , Muchhis of India, Sari clad sexy lady, snake charmers etc. Their stuffs to check out are keychains, zipper pulls, bookmarks, luggage tags, passport holders, fridge magnets and anymore. Special mention of the tin candy or cookie boxes and mad madhubani playing cards. They not only very good looking but practical to store a lot of stuff.


Chumbak_Muchhis of India

 Chumbak_AutowalaChumbak_mad madhubani playing cards


Tappu Ki Dukan


My source of knowing them:

Through a friend. And I visited them.

What I liked about them:

Basically, they source a lot of this quirky stuff (Happily Unmarried and Chumbak) and sell at their store. Not sure if they sell their own stuff too. It’s a very cute store on an attic above a spectacle store in Mumbai. Very true to its tag line “We don’t have anything you need, but you will want everything we have :-)”


Tappu Ki Dukan_slippers

 Tappu Ki Dukan_wine glassTappu Ki Dukan_chai mugsTappu Ki Dukan_pillow

Tappu Ki Dukan_book mark

Tappu Ki Dukan_soda glassTappu Ki Dukan_accessory holder


Quirk Box


My source of knowing them:

Facebook share from a friend.

What I liked about them:

They have 2 categories Fashion and Lifestyle. What sets them apart is their Fashion section. Like name like fashion – Quirky!!! Jackets, dresses, tees, boxer shorts, shoes, pants, bags, scarves and more. I love their scarves.

 Quirk Box_Jackets

Quirk Box_boxer shorts

Quirk Box_pants

Quirk Box_scarves

Quirk Box_dresses


Shor Sharaba

My source of knowing them:

Facebook ads.

What I liked about them:

This is newest among the lot I came across. I quiet like their intro page which screams “Filmy”. They basically make accessories, stationery, lifestyle and home decors. Their laptop cover are different from the other laptop sleeves as comes with a handle and it can be carried a bag itself. I particularly like their design ‘Shocked’, which is gush of rich vibrant colors.

Shor Sharaba_stationeryShor Sharaba_home decorsShor Sharaba_laptop cover



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  1. Wowwiee… Very innovative shooping sites..A!

    I love “tappu ki dukaan’s” brush holder kit.. is it here in Mumbai? whr exactly? wana check out! 😀

  2. I had the toilet ashtray when i was in bangalore.. Had gt it for dad! My mom threw it out the next day saying i dint wanna see a toilet on the table!!!!lol

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