5 Reasons To Love NARS Taj Mahal Blush


5 Reasons To Love NARS Taj Mahal Blush

NARS needs no introduction, as it serves to be one of the renowned names in Makeup & Cosmetics. The NARS blushes are by far one of the best blushes that makeup world is aware of. Talking about the most raved Blush shade from NARS, it is surely none other than Taj Mahal Blush.

I am sure every makeup addict has this name in their makeup lush list and all the raves about this blush shade, being one of the most iconic shades, are true.

Today, we will discuss some reasons to love this particular shade from NARS and try to know as to why every makeup lover swears to using this shade.

But before we do that, lets have a quick overview of this Blush shade which will help in understanding this shade much better.

NARS Taj Mahal Blush-


nars taj bush love

This is basically a burnt orange shade with golden shimmers. On the first look, it appears more of a warm toned vibrant orange shade. Many makeup professional have credited this shade to be one of the universal blush shades but the right technique or art is really needed to use this with your makeup.

The insane pigmentation of this particular blush has its own merits & demerits but when you do follow the right method to use this blush, this is surely going to compliment your look.

Lets know the 5 reasons to completely love this Blush shade.

Best suited for Indian Skin Tones

NARS Tajmahal blush swatches+Nars tajmahal blush swatches+Nars tajmahal blush dupe

Taj Mahal Blush is a lovely shade and it looks great on all the skin tones, but only with the right makeup technique. Fortunately the Indian olive skin tone looks excellent with this blush and the look is completely transformed when it is used as a blush.

It is really a great blush which almost all olive skin tones will love to have in their vanity.

Get Sculpted Cheeks-

This unique shade tends to look magical when used with the right makeup technique and right brushes. It tends to create a gradient on the cheeks which look sculpted in the most natural way. All this can be achieved with the right blending knowledge.

Anyone who wants their look to be natural along with enhancing the features of the face, needs to get hold of this blush soon.

For The Sun Kissed Look-

The beauty world is buzzing about all the know -hows about bronzers and how the sensuous sun kissed or golden tanned look is so trending these days. These days it is all about portrayal of any face, regardless of the complexion. No more pinky lips-rosy blush on cheeks are liked these days, now it is all about how naturally beautiful one can look!

Nars Taj Mahal blush with its unique burnt orange shade easily gives the sun kissed bronzer look and you don’t need to apply a bronzer separately with this. Only thing to learn is the correct blending art.

Perfect Highlighter-

Ever wondered why is Nude makeup such a hit in the recent years! Well, obviously because makeup has evolved quite a lot and from everything red, pink or orange it has gone to everything as natural as possible. This trend is also so popular because of the highlighting techniques used in makeup. These techniques are capable of completely changing the look by giving a chiseled jawline & enhancing the perfect features of the face while distracting the flaws of the face!

NARS Taj Mahal is yet again a great product which gives a stunning highlight to the face without making the face look layered with makeup. The hint of golden shimmers do just the needful in radiating the features of the face.

Awesome Natural blush-

We happen to love Taj Mahal Blush due to the class apart formulation and soft blush hint on the apples of the cheeks. Blush which looks just natural is the best and so is this considered one of the best blushes offered. The soft & smooth texture of this blush doesn’t require rigorous blending. It gives a beautiful radiance when applied skillfully on the face. One of the long staying blushes from NARS surely deserves to be every woman’s love and also the price is equally justified as it hardly costs anything in comparison to the world class formulation & number of uses this blush can be employed for.

Apart from these, it is also one of the most opted blush shades for bridal makeup as it can be paired up for any kind of ocassion without a doubt.

Well, by now you must have understood how this shade earns the love of so many makeup addicts!

Have you tried NARS Taj Mahal Blush?

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