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Now ! When we have the entire sweet lemon range on Wise She lets just  have a quick look of all the products :)You can read the detail review by clicking on the respective link 🙂


The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Shower Gel Review


  • Very effective at cleansing. IMO all body shop  shower gels are the best cleansers I have used till date.
  • The shower gel is very refreshing for summers.
  • Has a nice citrusy fragrance. Is definitely uplifting.
  • Non-drying in summers.
  • Lathers very well. A small quantity is enough which can be lathered well with a bath lily or bath gloves.


Body Shop Sweet Lemon Shower Gel Reviews+Sweet lemon body shop shower gels


Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Scrub Review:-


I thought I found my favourite body scrub when  Olive body scrub came into my life but after using lemon body scrub I realised that I need to explore more in the scrub catoegory. My favourite brand in scrubs will always be Lush but Body shop Lemon body scrub gives good competition to the brand.

  • Price – I got the combo pack of lemon body scrub and Body Shop Lemon Body Butter in $14 Singaore dollars.In India Body shop scrubs are available in 200 ml in INR 775
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Body shop sweet lemon body scrub reviews+Body shop sweet lemon body scrub product reviews


Body Shop Sweet Lemon Whip Body Lotion Review


Body Shop Sweet Lemon Whip Body Lotion comes in clear plastic bottle with product details all over it just like most of the TBS lotions. The lotion itself is in lemon colour, thick and creamy, it’s just like whipped cream ..looks so delicious
The 250ml bottles comes with pump and it’s also has twist the top to lock the bottle which is kinda good to carry. 60ml bottle comes with usual flip top.

Body shop sweet lemon body lotion reviews+sweet lemon body lotion body shop


Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Butter Reviews


Whoa! I can’t thank God for having  Body butter by my side in this  cold weather with my parched skin.Like a boy friend body butter pampers me, listen to me and makes me feel blessed Smile

  • Price – INR 700 for 200 ml ( I got 48 gm pack  from Priti Smile  who lives in Singapore .A combo pack costed me $14 on discount)


Body shop body butter reviews sweet lemon body butter+sweet lemon body butter reviews

 Body shop sweet lemon lip butter review


Body shop funda was simple .Create sugar sweet lemon tarts which we all will love applying on ourlips and keep enjoying the taste of it every now and then.


Body shop sweet lemon lip butter reviews+Body shop lemon lip butter  reviews



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