5 SaND For Soapaholics Soap That You May Try


5 SaND For Soapaholics Soap That You May Try


SaND for Soapaholics soaps were reviewed by our pretty Ira on WiseShe. All the 5 lovely soaps are here for you to check out.

About SaND for Soapaholics Soap

The company claims to make handmade items relating to skincare, haircare, organic cosmetics & personal care products with the basic motive to produce harmless & natural skincare products!

SaND aims in creating homemade personal care products which are basically made out of ingredients derived from fruits and eatables. Our primary target is to popularize harmless natural cosmetics which have significant effect on your skin and hair. In our mode of expansion, we wish to reach out to our buyers as personally as we can. There are traditional approaches and along with that we have chosen to create big impact on the e commerce space to target internet friendly modern buyers. Our products are harmful preservative free and to keep the natural ingredients intact, we specially take care of the packaging part too!

SaND For Soapaholics Royal Jelly Honeycomb Soap


sand for soapaholics soaps

The soap is exactly the color of honey and one can spot the honeycomb embedded inside the soap as it is translucent enough to let you see the ingredients of the soap. The soap is very fragrant and smells pleasant of honey. The soap is moisturizing and leaves the skin smooth. It leaves the skin soft without leaving it greasy. The soap doesn’t lather very well as it doesn’t contain SLS or SLES which are used for giving foam in soap products. Its gentle and doesn’t dry the skin.

SaND For Soapaholics Fruit Blast Soap


sand for soapaholics soap reviews

This is a translucent two shaded soap and smells heavenly fruity! As if someone is peeling fresh fruits like orange or mangoes. There are fruit peels inside the soap which give an altogether great attractive look to it. The shades of the soap are dark green & bright yellow. It doesn’t get moist due to humidity issues. This is a sweet smelling soap and you would literally feel the fragrances of fruits while using this soap. The fruit blast soap also doesn’t get consumed very fast and with two baths daily this will last for a good more or less 15 days. It doesn’t dry skin and keeps it supple after several hours of use.

SaND For Soapaholics: Bubble Trouble Soap


sand for soapaholics soap

This soap is translucent with a jelly like appearance with soya milk & other ingredients bound together in the shape of a rectangular soap. This looks like a sweet candy bar on first look. This is a sweet smelling soap. The texture is slippery solid but doesn’t moisten in the package or outside because of humidity. It has jelly texture and is very gentle.

SaND For Soapaholics Melaline Soap


sand for soapaholics soap review

The rich fruity smell is enough to tell you that it indeed is made of musk melon fruit.  The soap is not at all drying for the skin just as other soaps from the handmade soaps range due to the absence of any chemical ingredient. The soap lathers very less. But it effectively cleans any oil from the skin effectively without stripping off the moisture level of the skin.

SaND For Soapaholics Sweet Nothing Body Buffer Soap


sand for soapaholics

The company defines it as a sugarcane  juice & sugar cane soap and has an exfoliating action over the skin. The soap is parrot green in color and consists of sugarcane chunks along with sugarcane juice as mentioned by the brand. The texture is a little hard which is apt as per the body buffering function it claims to do. The sugarcane chunks in it are a little difficult to manage as they keep coming off in small pieces as the soap continuous to get used.  Rubbing soap on the skin feels a little exfoliating on the skin surface. The texture is perfect for exfoliation & it gives little abrasive application on the skin. The fragrance of this soap is comparatively stronger.

Have you tried any of these soaps?

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  1. The soaps sounds great and the tempting reviews done by Iru made them sounds even more desirable. Lovely compilation all the wonderful soaps at one place only!

  2. Ira just made these soaps so tempting with her reviews… and maitri made sure to remind us of each soap so dat v ensure our puck among these… 😉


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