5 Side effects of Fairness Creams


5 Side effects of Fairness Creams

If you follow the purchasing trend of the consumer world attentively you’ll at once discover that of all beauty products sold in the market, the number of fairness cremes sold per day is the highest, which no doubt implies that the number of customers who wish to buy such creams is also the highest. :smirk:ย  Yes, everybody wants to have a fair skin. ๐Ÿ˜› It is a sort of psychological obsession that if you have a fair skin you’ll be on the spotlights, get more importance and get noticed even in huge crowds. And the prejudiced society furthermore encourages such beliefs. ๐Ÿ˜ The matrimonial market gives preference to fair looking girls. Racism and the stigma associated with dark skin as it were, has gone deep into our DNA! So, young girls and boys today are crazily investing in the fairness creams quite ignorant of the many undesirable side-effects of such creams.

Fair n lovely

The manufacturers of these creams make the most of the consumer’s psychological obsession by enticing them with fanciful advertisements where they get to see their favorite movie stars on television endorsing a particular fairness creme, using it and turning fair like anything and that’s just enough for them to give into the temptation!

fairness cream

Over the recent years, however, a lot of debate arose due to certain publications that were published in many newspapers, research journals, beauty magazines that tried to educate people on the hidden darkness in the fairness cremes.

Let’s take a look at what it is that can make your favorite fairness cream harmful for you. Here are the major side-effects of fairness creams:

One major side-effect of fairness creams is that your skin with the prolonged usage of such creams becomes extremely photosensitive. Thus the moment you are out in the sun a hell of a lot of problems start for you such as itching of skin, getting rashes, your skin turning red, blistering of the skin and even getting painful sunburns. Using any facial masks or pack on such a skin may exacerbate the problem.

Secondly using fairness creme for a prolonged period may make your skin acne prone. Acne is one skin problem which everybody wants to avoid and it’s really pointless to welcome it into your life by using the wrong cosmetic!

acne skin

Thirdly if you use fairness creams for a long time, your skin will start to sag fast and you’ll come to lose your youthful look sooner than your actual age. The reason is the quick loss of the skin’s tightness, elasticity and a noticeable skin thinning. Read Anti- Ageing Skincare Secrets For Youthful Skin


In most cases, the fairness creams come with chemicals like Mercury, Hydroquinone and even steroids. If you expose your skin continually to these chemicals it may, in the long run, cause lethal skin damage giving rise to problems as serious as skin cancer even.

skin damage

The chemicals in a fairness cream also lead to pigmentation problems and aggravate it like anything. So if you think that you’ll mitigate your pigmentation skin issues by using fairness creams you are actually walking completely on the wrong track.


So these are the 5 major side-effects of fairness creams which you should definitely consider prior to buying your pack. After all, skin is a God-gifted asset and you must not take chances with your skin just out of sheer temptation.

But if you still want to have fair skin, we have a solution for you!

You can simply prepare your own fairness cream at home –

What is your opinion about Fairness Cremes?

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  1. An eye opener! It true prolonged usage of fairness creams makes skin sensitive,thin and prone to damage. But I have seen people who dont bother. All they want is fair skin ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice article moupee ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I SALUTE TO THE WRITER OF THIS POST! ThanQ so much for this post, I would like to share it as much as possible as m sick of explaining people and I hate brands who come up with this shit like anything Grrrr >_<

  3. Very informative post. Very few people realize the side-effects of using fairness creams. They don’t realize their craze for whiter skin is damaging the very same skin.

  4. Thanks for such an honest post Moupee ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have come across bloggers refusing to accept comments even if all you try to point out is that the pdt. they are raving about have harmful chemicals tht cud be problematic if ingested (e.g. some aloe vera juices) but it’s credible Anamika that you not only have posts on cosmetic and other pdts (which thoh not intentional, tempts many of us to buy them ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) but also share possible side-effects that make many think before blindly buying and trying stuff

  5. Nice article. I hope people loose their obsession with fairness after reading this.
    I have always hated these fairness products. We’re born with a complexion and that’s what it’ll be. I hate how these ads project that fair is perfect. Who has the right to decide what’s pretty fair or dark.
    Whether you’re fair or dark, just love yourself and you’ll be attractive ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I think ads merely cater to the society, so one can’t really blame ads per se. Our society thrives on the whole concept of “fair and lovely” ads just reflect the same.
      The day the Indian society changes it’s mindset and actually embraces their naturally sun kissed skin is when the ad world shall change it’s marketing campaigns.

      • I totally Agree with u Nivyana… Its out thought and look to be changed first.. Ads company is here to make business and they ll do def..

  6. Reducing sun tan is one thing but linking the amount of melanin one has to success is another.
    Not only are fairness creams in India detrimental to a person’s skin but their ads are to one’s psyche as well. Lighten your skin tone and you will become insanely successful seems to be the point most of these ads want to convey.
    By posting this article WiseShe is handling what is essentially a social menace from a cosmetic sciences perspective. Kudos! My favorite article on this blog till date. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I hate those ads where the girl suddenly becomes professionally successful the second she gets fair. As if hard work, intelligence and dedication have nothing to do with a woman’s professional success and just fair skin is enough to carry her through.

      • Exactly! It’s like if a woman is not fair she is underconfident and thereby highly unsuccessful. But once she becomes “fair and lovely” as opposed to “dark and ugly” all is right in the professional world!

  7. I remember hating f n l ads since forever now..but the success of the brand shows how thr are ppl arnd desperate to get FAIR..its high time we all embrace our true complexions..we shud rather desire for glowing and tan free skin..

    • I think more than F&L and Dark&Handsome ads I find the Clean and Dry Intimate Bleaching Wash ad the most repulsive ever!
      In the commercial, a couple lounges in their house, the man idly reading a newspaper while the woman pouts to herself because, clearly he’s ignoring her due to her dark-colored privates. Luckily, she gets hold of Clean and Dry, which makes her privates a few shades lighter, and her husband is happy-go-lucky again. Whew! Divorce averted.
      Absolutely disgusting ad that sparked a justified international debate over the societal hierarchy in Indian society on the basis of skin colour.

  8. Kudos for writing on such an important topic. It is sad that the media focusses so much on telling women what is wrong with their faces and bodies for the sake of their own commercial gain. The worst part is that so many of us, well educated and intelligent women, fall for it and hoard cures for our supposed aesthetic shortcomings without once pausing for a second to think about what we are putting our bodies through.

  9. This is a great article…even I was once obssessed with these fairness creams but soon I realised wat was good for my skin…! thumbs up to the writer…! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I m so pleased to see this article.. One of my best article till date!

    Fairness creams basically has some bleaching agents and steriods which bleach you skin daily you put on.. results in thinning skin, damage and sensitive skin.

    I am going to share this post on my FB page ppl should read it thoroughly!

    Kudos to Moupee.. great job!

  11. Yah its useful for all guyz but the real thing is that everyone forget about such harm effects fairness creams. It is becoz they need to be fair, they are only tinking of being fair so, if they know such things also they try to erase it from memmory. Iam also such a person who know things but not make it in life.

  12. Mam i want to ask an question that when i am using the fairlovely after that 2 days on my face some itching and some pimples is grown why is this so ?

    • Fair and Lovely and all other fairness creams contain chemicals and bleaches in them that literally only work on the outer layer of your skin making it look ashier. I won’t say white as we Indians have a beautiful warm skin tone and anything that tries to make it pinky or white looks ashy. Your skin is reacting to the chemicals present in the cream and so it is itching and causing your pimples. I will say to stop using such creams and take care of your skin in a more natural way. You can check out our DIY Skin Care Section for more. Hope this helps! ๐Ÿ™‚

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