5 Simple Tricks To Make Perfume Last Longer


Usually whenever I visit any perfume counter I keep on sniffing and sniffing each and every perfume which SA gives .I land up sniffing so many of them that in between sniffing coffee beans becomes compulsory otherwise all perfume starts smelling the same  :D:d. Must have happened with you many times :dazed:

how to make perfume last longer

Finally after sniffing number of perfume I decide on   to one but the hitch which comes in the way with most of the perfumes is the longevity of the perfume.Most of us  love the smell and start carrying it around with us and spray every time when the smell evaporates 😉 Unfortunately I am not some one who carry perfumes all the time with me so I tried few tips for making the perfume lasts for longer time.

I am listing down few of the perfumes lasting tricks which worked for me and make perfume last long time

1.I spray perfume just after taking shower because that is the only time when body pores are open and  body is moisturized.Spraying perfume just before applying moisturizer makes it lasts for long .

2.Use body lotion which compliments the perfume and don’t contrast.Using contrasting body lotion makes the perfume lose its fragrance rapidly.

3.Applying petroleum jelly on the pulse point and then spray the  perfume some 6-7 inches away makes the scent last longer.

4.Spraying perfume on the oilier parts of the body retains the perfume for long (Oily skin has some benefits :P).Applying perfume on the hairline is the  most preferred option which makes the perfume stay.

5I have noticed that whenever I use soaps or body washes which are rich in aroma it helps in retaining my perfume for long .I am not sure whether it works for every one but does work for me 🙂

Do you know any others tips which makes perfume lasts for long time?

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  1. Hey cool..i dint know the petroleum jelly trick…but doesnt it make the skin a bit greasy? or do we just dab lightly?

    also the hairline tip was a surprise… 🙂 Nice article A..

  2. thanks Zara..was thinking of writing it since long..i wanted to know some more tricks 😛

    just a hint of petrelum jelly wont make the skin greasy..

  3. nice tips ana…..gudaftrnoon……btw….perfume on hair line….thats new…..but if u do it wid open eyes….perfume will go in eyes..and if u do it wid closed eyes…..then how do u guess where is the hairline……
    😛 😛

  4. nice tips…
    also one more tip.
    Spray parfum on ur hairbrush and then brush ur hair wid it 😛 😛
    it works for me


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