5 Skin Care Home Remedies That Worked For Me


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We have all heard of various home/herbal remedies from moms, grand moms, read in various magazines or on sites. There always is a long list of these. We don’t follow all of it [neither do we trust all of it], but sometimes something clicks, or you do your own R&D and it works.
So here is a list of very simple and easy to follow home remedies/tips that work for me

Aloe Vera plant’s fresh gel


aloe vera plant in skin care

  • Apply the gel for smooth and fairer skin.
  • Apply it on clean face before a facepack or afterwards. Aloe Vera has a quality to deeply penetrate with whatever it is applied on.
  • Apply and keep on hair for an hour or overnight, wash with shampoo for softest silkiest hair. No need of hair spa if this is done weekly.
  • Apply on any wound -this is a common use but had to mention. My dad is diabetic and even a scratch takes weeks to heal. He got a bit deep wound on head and I asked my mom to apply Aloe Vera leaf with Turmeric on it and tape it on the wound. The wound was dry within 5 hours!
  • Apply after waxing hands or legs, after threading
  • Waxed skin itches when new hair is coming out, apply this gel and it immediately soothes


Almond oil [Rogan Badam Shirin] for skin



almond oil for skin care and hair

  • Apply on lips as often as you can for lighter lips
  • Apply under the eyes for fine lines- Once for a long time I couldn’t pay attention to myself. Later when I checked I had fine likes – crows feet. I din’t have any eye cream at home then, so I started applying almond oil around eyes. And applied it many times a day. Within 3 to 4 days my fine lines were almost invisible! Magic!!!
  • Apply on face in the nights
  • Mix with your hair oil



home made ubtan for skin care

  • I have a very sensitive skin and I could never have a smooth skin. After many years of trying different skincare products I felt that may be I should stop using soap or face wash. I did, and my skin is much better now. I wash my face only with Ubtan. It cleans, scrubs and gives benefits of a face pack too.
  • For dark lips– Scrub lips with an ubtan,just make sure there is turmeric in it. Lemon and almond oil will make it even better. My lips become lighter within 4 to five uses of ubtan.The same can be applied to makes under arms lighter.


Raw milk

  • EXCELLENT for making the skin fair, and for removing dark circles
  • For lighting lips


Do share home remedies which worked for you ? 🙂

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  1. Hi Pradnya. Nice post and very helpful as well. Can you tell me the contents of your ubtan. I too have sensitive skin and do not have a choice about many products to keep my skin healthy. I suffer from rashes, whiteheads and the list is endless. Would like to try it out and let u know… :help:

    • Where are you based Roopa? In Maharashtra there are some good brands of ubtan, I could suggest you few. Also there are ubtan recipes on this site too I guess.
      You can make your own ubtan with chandan, multani mitti, neem powder, amla, tulsi powder, rose powder, nagarmotha, rakta chandan… you can add little besan [only if it suits you, it dries my skin] Masoor dal powder is good too. Basically whatever you would want in a good face pack.
      I’ll tell you more as I remember 🙂 else if you go to a good ayurvedic shop you’ll get lots of veriety.
      Many of these are Marathi names, but I’m sure you’ll find the vernacular names on google.

  2. Many Asked about the ingredients in ubtan, I’m copying them from a couple of ubtans I have:

    Kachur Sugandhi, Masur dal, Multani mitti, Khus, Musta, Ananta, Amla, Jeshtimadh, Neem, Amarharidra, Vacha, Bakuchi, geru, neem, tulsi, sandalwood powder, turmeric, manjishtha, lotus flower, rose petal, camphor, orange peel…
    get as many as you can from the list, they are easily available in an Ayurvedic shop. Mix the powders and store the dry powder in a jar. use as required for body and face 🙂

  3. ok I can see the comments now Ana 🙂 I checkd your recipe of ubtan, I think I can use the liquids – rose water, milk, glycerin and lemon juice with my powders

  4. those are 4 tips no? am i missing the 5th? 🙂 i didnt know about raw milk and the almond oil….also while i use aloe vera (the Brihan’s one) for the face, wasnt aware it was beneficial for the hair too..so all in all wonderful post..thanks.

  5. these days in using aloe vera gel (one found in market in pot) and have mixed bit of almond oil in it and using it arnd my eyes 🙂 its so soothing and non heavy texture yet is working good for my dark circles 🙂 pure almond oil has many uses and much cheaper if you compare it with the derivative products found in market.

  6. thanks for a very helpful post.
    Fresh aloe gel can be applied on burns.
    My SIL had applied fresh aloe gel on the burns and the burning sensation and pain subsided almost instantly.

  7. prachi u can dip raw milk in cotton ball and apply it on under eye circle and u r done 🙂 pradnya can share some other way if she has been following it 🙂

  8. yes, same way Ana, just that I apply on the whole face and neck, and if there is still left then on hands too hehehe
    Once you start seeing the result you’ll know why Cleopatra bathed in milk 😉
    it smells like cow, but who cares 😉


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