5 Skin Care Tips For A Sunny Holiday


5 Skincare tips for sunny holiday

Hey all beauty geeks!!! Hope you all are enjoying the onset of warm weather. Sadly, it is still winters here, though officially the spring season has commenced about a week back. πŸ™ Tired of this cold and gloomy weather, we planned a trip to sunny Bahamas. Wohoo πŸ™‚ However, I and sun do not get along. Grrrr!!! So, my skincare had to be top notch for the sunny encounter. And it did help me a lot during the entire vacation. That is why I decided to share with you all the entire ‘taam jhaam’ I took along for the trip so that you also can enjoy your sunny and beachy holidays without a care in the world πŸ™‚


Skin Care products For Sunny Holiday


1. Face wash:

I know there is nothing new about carrying a face wash. But, not any facewash will do. I decided to pack my glycolic cleanser which provided a gentle exfoliation throughout the trip. Plus, the cleanser also leaves  my skin so smooth and soft to touch. Added bonus πŸ™‚


glycolic cleanser for summer


2. Exfoliation:

Since I get tanned easily and a lot, I did not want to wait to get back home to start with the exfoliation. I carried my exfoliation brush along to sweep away tan everyday and also, let the skin absorb any after-sun skincare I would use.


exfoliate to remove everyday tan


Now if you don’t have any exfoliation brush, worry not. Carry a little amount of Baking Soda with you. Yup, you heard it right!!! Baking soda turns any face wash into a gentle scrub and is also good for any pimple emergency. And lastly, almost all hotels provide washcloths. Take a wet washcloth and remove your face wash in circular motions. This will exfoliate your face in absence of any scrub.

3. Moisturizers:

Obviously, we need to moisturize our skin all the time. However, sometimes moisturizers can feel heavy in hot weather. For this reason, I carried a serum for day and a light but rich cream for night. I have already reviewed the reviva night cream and you guys know I love it. πŸ™‚ Do not forget your lip balms girls.


moisturizing products for summer


4. Sunscreen:

You all know I love my sunscreens. I currently use physical sunscreens, instead of chemical sunscreens. However, I carried both on this trip. I applied physical sunscreen on all days. I used chemical sunscreen when I had to swim or play in water, as physical sunscreens are ineffective in water πŸ™ Next, I also packed my Physician Formula’s Pressed Powder with SPF 30. I used this to reapply sunscreen after every two hours.


sunscreen products


5. After-sun care:

Please do not keep your after-sun skincare for when you reach back home. I carried cult-favorite Lacto Tan clear for daily use. I followed it up with Biotique Fruit Pack which has skin lightening properties. Also, carry Aloevera gel and Vitamin E capsules if you are prone to sun burn. Although, these are not essential to pack, it is always good to have them with you in an event of severe sun burn.


after-sun skin care products


That completes my skincare gems for a sunny outing. Hope this helps in your preparation for your summer getaways. However, if you still get tanned, do not fret. ‘Wiseshe’ has lot of amazing DIYs to get rid of the tan πŸ™‚

How do you take care of your skin while on a sunny holiday?

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  1. Great post Himani..All these tips are really of great help for planning a sunny trip..In the coming week be going to Mumbai and I’ll be surely following all your tips on the beaches there..! :-))

  2. Wow nice post, in november we visited florida and keywest, because of sun and salt water my skin tanned a lot, like black and white, the areas exposed o sun and salt water are completely black not even tan, i was shocked, we are again planning for a trip, i vl sure keep in mind ur tips, thank you.

    • I understand what r u saying πŸ™‚ Sun in dese parts of the world is crazy and can tan you badly.. Do follow these tips and you will really feel a difference this time πŸ™‚

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