5 Skincare Product Swaps To Do This Month


5 Skincare Product Swaps To Do This Month

Hello All,

Delhi winters are known to be freezing although, I have a feeling that the winter season might be a little forgiving for Delhi people this year! Okay! may be I am wrong as I am new to the city and I am still not aware as to when exactly the winter season is at it freezing best! :-p

Well, after surviving the skin texture change, I have swapped few products from my skincare routine! Yes, I had to immediately switch to Bio Oil within 2 days of my arrival to this city as my skin was never so scaly and dry!

So, I was thinking I should definitely share some more skincare product swaps which I am looking forward to in the coming month and it might even help you all to better understand the needs of the skin with changing variations in the climate!

So, here we have some exclusive skincare products swaps which are much needed keeping in mind the dry winter season!

Foaming Gel With a Creamy Face Wash-

Garnier PureActive NeeM + Tulsi High Face Wash

Okay, so all the summers you cribbed about how your face cleanser made the skin oily and that you needed a gel based foaming cleanser for a squeaky clean face! So, now it is the time of the year to switch back to a creamier and moisturizing version. Opt for a creamy face wash instead of a foaming gel!

o3+ hydrating soothing wash

For Instance you can change Garnier Pure Active Neem + Tulsi Foaming Gel with O3+ Hydrating & Soothing Face wash

Body Lotion With Body Butter-

Iraya Lotus Body Lotion

It is officially the time when the climate is super dry and it will even make the softest skin dry and scaly if once for all you do not swap your favorite body lotion with a thicker body butter to save the skin from being dry and scaly!

Natio Wellness Body Butter packaging

Swap Iraya Lotus Body Lotion with Natio Wellness Body Butter

Lip Balm with Lip Butter-

NIVEA Fruity Shine Lip Balm Cherry

Make sure to swap the lip care products early as the skin of the lips is far more sensitive and thin than the epidermis and so it will feel the harshness and dryness when you have not expected it! A lip butter will smoothen the lips and will make sure that it remains hydrated throughout the day!

Fabindia Lip Butter Fruity Vanilla

Swap Nivea Essential care Lip Balm with Fabindia Vanilla Lip Butter

Day Cream with Moisturizing face cream-

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Magic White Cream SPF 19

You hate using any sticky or greasy face cream during the summers but now its time to go back to a nourishing face cream which doesn’t stretch your skin during the dry winter season and let it stay soft and supple always!

Shahnaz Husain Chocolate Cream

Swap Loreal Paris White Perfect Magic Cream with Shahnaz Husain Chocolate Nourishing Cream

Face Scrub with Exfoliating Cleanser

lakme clean up clean pore face scrub

Ditch the harsh scrub for the face which used to cause temporary redness over the face and use a creamy exfoliating cleanser for a softer skin which gently removes the impurities from the face without drying it too much!

Clarins Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream

Swap Lakme Clean Up Clean Pore Face Scrub with Clarins Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream

Well, I hope you like this post and I will be coming up with another post on the makeup product swaps to do this month really soon! So stay tuned for more suggestions!

Have you swapped your skincare products?

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