5 Steps of Skin Care During Confusion In-Between Season!


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Skincare is really essential as we all know but the fact that freaks us out is how to take proper skin care during different seasons of a year? Though there are primarily 3 seasons in India that we can feel – summer, monsoon and winters still in reality there are 5 with autumn and spring making its presence felt rarely. Our skin reacts in different ways to different seasons but the period in which our skin gets confused in the in-between ones.

By the term “in-between seasons”, I mean the time when winter is just gone but summer hasn’t arrived. I admit, this type of weather is for a very small time span but you have to keep in mind that your skin can lose its vigour in just a day without a proper care. So this post is all about your skincare during in-between seasons to sort out the mess in your heads about what to do during this time! Scroll down.


Removing Makeup


Removing makeup is surely the first step in any skin care routine. It helps to unclog pores and the skin can breathe. Makeup removers are available in the market and also, one can make their own makeup removers at home. Makeup removing has gained prominence in recent years that really help us to ge that beautiful skin that we dream of.

Some makeup removers that we can use for removing makeup:


The Body Shop Camomile gentle eye makeup remover gel is basically for all skin types and very naturally removes makeup and softens the skin.


Garnier Fresh Eye make up remover, enriched with apple extracts gently removes makeup even on sensitive skin.


Lakme Bi-phased makeup remover removes all kind of lip, eye and face makeup effectively, leaving skin totally clean.


Lotus makeup remover with comfrey and cucumber extracts is a soap-free, alcohol-free cleanser that removes makeup effectively for all skin types.


Revlon eye and lip makeup remover easily removes long-wearing makeup and makes face clean and unclogs pores.


After removing makeup, the face needs to be clean and for that, a cleanser is a must have. For cleansing your face, either a cleansing milk or a face wash is required. I prefer using a face wash for this purpose and you have to choose the face wash according to your skin type. Cleansing in this type of weather becomes really essential as the skin looks very dull and tired. Cleaning your face twice a day helps to unclog pores and reveal the glowing skin which you all have.

For oily skin:


peas facewash for 5 step skin care

Pears Oil clear face wash with lemon flower extracts gently clears excess oil and dirt and leaves skin pure and pimple-free.

lakme face wash for 5 step skin care

Lakme Sun expert De-tanning skin lightening face wash is for all skin types, best for normal skin. This face wash is enriched with cucumber and lemon grass that helps to remove tan and make skin beautiful.

cleanser o3 face wash for 5 step skin care

O3+ Hydrating and soothing face wash is a good choice for dry skin as it hydrates, soothes and nourishes skin from within. It is not drying at all and gives a dewy finish after washing off.


Scrubbing, though is not a daily activity, is really essential in the in-between seasons when the skin tends to be really dull. Regular exfoliation is a strict no-no as it reaps skin off its essential oils and leaves it stretchy. But twice a week is good enough for any age group. And if you have oily skin that is prone to blackheads and pimples, then scrubbing is a total yes! At this time, you should opt for creamy scrubs that won’t dry your skin.


The-Body-Shop-Cocoa-Butter-Scrub in 5 step skin care

The Body Shop Scrub with cocoa butter is an extremely creamy scrub that works like magic on dry skin as well leaving skin beautiful and soft. It helps remove dirt and oil leaving skin beautiful and soft.

Garnier-Light-3-in-1-Wash-Scrub-Mask-Fairness-facial- for 5 step facial

This face scrub from Garnier is basically an all-in-one product which does the job of cleansing and scrubbing as welll as a mask. This 3-in-1 formula saves time and energy both. Are you listening lazy lass?



Toner is one of the most underrated still very useful part of any skin care regime. Toners should be water-based and choosing toners according to skin type is a must.

For dry skin:

patanjali rose water for 5 step skincare

Rose water is a great option for dry skin as it is not drying at all. It hydrates from deep within and leaves your skin supple and smooth. You can try out any rose water you like or can make at your own home.

shahnaz-skin-toner for 5 step skin care

Shahnaz Hussain Toner is for all skin types. Though an expensive one, this tone really closes open pores and lets the skin be free of pimples and acne. It also revitalises the skin.

body shop toner for 5 step skincare

The Body Shop Aloe Calming toner is for sensitive skin and this can be a great option for people with acne-prone skin. This Aloe toner helps to nourish and hydrate skin and helps skin to be firm and beautiful.


A Serum is the fifth part of the 5 step skin care regime. A Serum is generally gel to liquid based that penetrates deep into the skin, nourish it and make skin firm and young. Regular usage of a face serum helps to tighten and brighten complexion. This in-between season, skin tends to feel both sweaty and stretchy for which a heavy moisturiser will be too loud. Applying face serum is the best way to both hydrate skin and replenish it with essential nutrients. So it is really better to use a hydrating face serum than a greasy cream.

For ageing skin:

loreal-revitalizing-serum for 5 step skin care

For ageing skin, the serum for Loreal is like a boon. You can use a few drops on your face regularly and unveil the new you.

For skin brightening:

Lotus Professional whitening and brightening serum is a great product for skin brightening. The natural ingredients present helps remove tan and other impurities.

Lotus-Phyto-RX-Whitening-Brightening-Serum-in 5 step skin care

For all round skin care:

neutrogena-fine-fairness-serum-in 5 step skin care

Neutrogena Fine fairness serum is one of the best serums I have discovered till date for an overall healthy skin. The non-clogging formula helps to give skin a great push for being healthy and radiant naturally.

And with this we come to the end. The 5 step skin care routine for in-between season is quite easy, if we can do it religiously. Skin is our best friend and if you love your best friend, it will love you even more!



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