5 Stylish High Necks You Must Own


5 Stylish High Necks You Must Own

Hello gorgeous girls,

Today’s post is exclusively for these cool days. “High Necks” a very popular style of garment that people wear to keep themselves warm especially in the months of January and February here in India. We have worn them as a baby, as a teenager, as a collegiate, as a professional and in various other stages of life. What remains the same is the chilly winters and our warming High Necks.


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How about wearing the winter High Neck trend as a Fashionista???

Designers have really been very creative in offering us some fabulously designed High Neck garments. With so many good options in hand, it is sheer injustice to wear the same old school style high necks. Raise the temperatures in the chilly season and wear the stylish High Necks.

Today I shall share with you all five must have high necks. Have a look at these.

High Neck Sweatshirts


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To start with I have chosen the most common and comfy but yet trendy. You should definitely have at least one of these kinds of high neck sweatshirts. The multi neck falls and the draw strings make it all the more stylish. These styles are also available with a hood, but I like the multi layer high necks without hoods. You can chose according to what suits you better.

High Neck Maxi Dresses


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This really needs a space in your wardrobe. Maxi dresses are always so chic and comfy. For the cool months do no ditch the maxi dresses, instead invest in some fabulous High Neck Maxi Dresses. These make a perfect winter style statement without robbing off the chic quotient.

High Neck Jackets


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I love these and you too will love these. This is a real must have for a trend setter. A high neck jacket is something which keeps you warm and at the same time gives bang of style to your over all look. Pair it with the right pair of boots and denims and whoaaaaaa… you nailed the look.

You can buy winter jackets from Flipkart.com here

High Neck Capes


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These are your little cheats actually. They are super warm, super chic and yes super stylish. Kim Kardashian too seems to love the high neck capes. This picture of hers speaks a lot about how stylish and feminine do these look.  Need I talk more about the high neck capes…. I guess not!

High Neck Cholis/Blouses


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How can I not talk about these here?
We Indians love sarees, no matter what the season is, but sarees are always a hot pick for every occasion. They are sexy, classy and graceful. For winters get a nice high neck choli/blouse for your saree instead of those backless choli/blouses. High neck blouses not just are comfortable for this season but they make a super cool fashion statement too…ooppsss… did I just say “Super Cool”…. No they make a super cool statement. You can get a full sleeves high neck blouse but I prefer the sleeveless high neck blouse more.

These were the five must have stylish High Necks.

Which amongst these is already in your wardrobe?

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