5 Summer Skin Issues And Their Fixes



5 Summer Skin Issues And Their Fixes


Hey everyone I am back with another post and this time it is a really helpful one particularly for this summer season when you may be facing heat boils, uneven skin tone and many more such issues. Summers can make your beautiful glowy skin go through a bad skin face. So let’s see some common skin issues and their fixes. Hope you like them.


This may be the most commonly faced problems. There are times when oily skinned beauties think there were already a lot of acne before and heat has worsen them more. I will suggest Wash your face or skin after sweating don’t let the sweat rest on your skin more than 10 minutes. Make sure the face wash you are using is mild enough generally foamy face washes aren’t mild, using a harsh face wash frequently will pipe out the essential moisture of your skin. The dirt and already applied Base makeup or sunscreen and your sweat will mix together to form new enemies (acne) :-/ If you’re out wipe your face with a refreshing wet tissue and re-apply your sunscreen. Trust me girls follow this religiously and you’ll thank me for sure 😛


Beauty formulas wipes deep cleanse



Everyone wants to wear skirts and shorts in summers and that calls for frequent waxing which results in having a lot of red bumps on your skin. And there are some emergency times when shaving becomes the only way to flaunt a new skirt 😛 which means more torture to the delicate skin. Don’t worry I have a solution if rubbing some ice didn’t work for you. Steeps some tea and add mint to it, let it cool and keep it in fridge then absorb it in a cotton bud and apply all over. Your skin will be beautiful and absolutely bump free. 🙂


DIY Mint Scalp Mask_Mint Leaves+hair care tips



Yes your skin dries out in summer too. Due to sweating the water of your skin sweeps out leaving you with a dry skin. And those chlorine loaded pools and sun on your skin are to be blamed as well. Whether you have an oily skin or dry skin never ever skip your moisturizer or body lotion in summers as well. You can use an oil free moisturizer to prevent your skin from being greasy. A lotion with SPF will be a boon to skin.


spf 30 sunscreen india



This is another problem which is faced commonly by everyone in summer season. The UV rays, heat and swapping to Heated and Cold (AC) environment tortures your skin badly leaving it uneven. There are a lot of DIY Face packs for uneven skin tone. I will recommend using only organic and natural things regularly to maintain your skin tone. An ubtan made with a mix of tomato, curd, besan, haldi and lemon works magically. 🙂


homemade papaya face pack



I have said this numerous times to everyone I wish mosquito species go extinct, and may we see an Ad on TV “SAVE YOUR MOSQUITOES ONLY 911 LEFT” But my brother has told me that it’ll disturb the Eco-System :-/ Okay Excuse me, let’s get back to the fix of this problem. If you’re really irritated with mosquito bites then rubbing ice on the affected area will relax you 🙂 Other than that applying few drops of “Lavender Essential Oil” will soothe your skin and the bug bite will irritate you less.

Hope this helps you all.

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  1. Dese r some excellent tips.. My skin behaves excellently in US, but the moment I am in India I start facing lot of issues.. M surely going to implement all these tips.. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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