5 Surprising Factors That Speed Up Ageing!


5 Surprising Factors That Speed Up Ageing

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We all are well aware that ageing is an inevitable part of life. The main causes for this are stress, unhealthy lifestyle & excessive exposure to Sun’s rays. Now, these are the common factors which are known to all. However, in addition to these, there are other reasons for ageing as well which we don’t even pay attention to! So, today let us take a look at some such surprising factors which cause ageing!


Your Pillowcase:

Your skin replenishes itself during the night. This is why taking adequate sleep is important! However, regularly sleeping on your stomach or sides causes the skin to crease, which in turn causes wrinkles & fine lines. In addition, it can also cause loose & saggy skin. Therefore, it is always better to sleep on your back instead & switch to a silk or satin pillowcase.



Eating a healthy & balanced diet is important to avoid premature ageing. However, many of us switch to low fat diets in order to lose weight. But we do not realize that cutting out on healthy fats could in fact cause ageing. A certain amount of fats are essential for your body to keep it healthy & youthful. So, practices like crash dieting are a big no no!



Your Emotions!

Your emotional well being also plays an important role in causing premature ageing. People who are happy & calm generally look younger than those who are irritated, angry or stressed. Your feelings & emotions are reflected through your facial expressions & negative emotions can add to the wrinkles & fine lines!


Relying on Car Windows for Sun Protection:

First of all, you should never step out of the house without a sunscreen on! Whether you are going to the grocery store or to work or driving a car, the Sun’s rays can always get to you! One might also think that the car’s windows offer all the sun protection that is needed, but this is certainly not the case! Car windows do not block UV rays, so the side exposed to Sun is more prone to sun damage & this causes ageing of skin.


Tugging Your Skin:

Tugging your skin in order to put on makeup or even remove contact lenses also causes ageing. This happens because the skin around your eyes is delicate & tugging causes it to stretch which can cause fine lines & wrinkles. Thus, it is always better to pick those makeup products that can be removed easily without causing any discomfort to the skin.


Do you pay attention to these causes of ageing?

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