5 Tips For Fake Eyelashes


5 Tips For Fake Eyelashes

Wearing false eyelashes is probably the most technical thing about makeup. You need a lot of practice to get them on perfectly. If you are new to falsies then they may take up most of the time you dedicate to makeup. Practice will make you perfect and you will be able to get long fluttering eyelashes quickly.

You may also want to follow these Tips For Fake Eyelashes

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Use Natural Lashes

False eyelashes that are made of human hair work best. Human hair blend easily with your natural lashes. They are easy to bend as well. Easy bending makes natural hair lashes easy to adjust on eyelids. It is easy to apply false eyelashes after bending them a little so human hair lashes win over synthetic ones. Also natural hair lashes are lighter in weight.


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Glue Application

Hold the glue tube under the falsies and squeeze it to apply the glue on them. You get better control this way. If you hold the glue tube above the falsies then there is every chance that the glue will spill on them and destroy them.

Apply more glue on the corners of false eyelashes. Inner and outer corners are more prone to come off so it will be wise to keep the sides strong so as to get a better hold.

Always wait for sometime after applying glue on falsies and then put them on. The time interval of 30-40 seconds makes the glue tacky and the lashes stick on easily.

Get Rid of Oil

Falsies do not stick well on oily lids. Always clean your lids before applying falsies especially if you have oily lids.

Do not use an oil based makeup remover to remove falsies as it will make greasy and it will be tough to reuse them. Better use a silicone based makeup remover to remove them. Never wear the same pair of falsies more than 5 times though it is better to use it just once and discard.

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Shaky hands are the mortal enemies of falsies. If you are new to false eyelashes, rest your elbows on a flat surface before applying falsies.

Mirror position is also important. For a better look, place the mirror flat on a table and look down into it while applying fake lashes. This position will make handling easier.

Cut Your Lashes

Not your real ones but the fake ones! Once I told you that Marilyn Monroe used only half strip of falsies on the outer side of eyes to get bigger eyes. Cutting lashes into shorter pieces makes them easy to apply as well and can be very helpful for girls who are new to them.

If you want to wear the full length of falsies but it is tough for you then cut them in 2 or 3 strips. Start with applying the innermost strip first and then apply the middle and lastly the outer one. Cutting falsies gives better control and makes application easier.

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