5 Tips For Monsoon Hair Care


5 Tips for Monsoon Hair Care


Hey you all Beauty geeks, how are you doing? Last time I did a post on makeup tips for monsoon which you all liked so I made up mind then and there to do a post on Monsoon Hair care as well. Because more than Makeup our hair struggles in Monsoon and I know all of you are fed up of those limp and falling hair. And you know what we lose about 200 strands each day in the Rainy season from an average of 60-100 in the normal days :-/ I hate the fact but still I love rains. πŸ™‚ so let’s read out some quick tips for monsoon hair care.



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Monsoon Basics

In the monsoons primary concern for our hair is to look for an effective hair care regimen that can cope with the excess moisture in the air during the monsoon and maintain smooth and manageable hair 24Γƒβ€”7. Rules we should swear by for our hair are drinking water, eating a healthy diet, getting adequate sleep and getting regular deep conditioning massages with hot coconut-based hair oil. This helps the hair to maintain health l.

Go for the word Anti-breakage

In the Rainy season our hair fall is increased to due the humidity and moisture in the air. So what I advice is that you should go for all Anti-breakage shampoos and conditioners beacuse they are mild enough to prevent your hair from breakage as much as they can (you know your hair will still fall but a little less than before). And as these shampoo and conditioners are mild so they’ll cope up with your daily hair wash because a head wash is must after you wet your hair in the Rain πŸ™‚

Let loose

Don’t tie your hair tightly in a ponytail or a tight bun that will really provoke your hair to fall more and more and some more πŸ˜› let loose your hair in the Rain and enjoy it fully. Some people tie a quick ponytail when they’re in rain immediately. My dear lovelies don’t do it from now onwards beacuse hair will get wet anyhow if you tie or don’t. Just wash them with a mild shampoo and lukewarm water after you come home πŸ™‚



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Avoid Hairstyling

Don’t just don’t do the hairstyling in rainy season. Like your skin your hair also secrete more oil and sebum in the monsoons. And those chemicals in the hairstyling products will mix up and will make your hair look greasy and limp instead of that wow look. Keeping everything natural is the key for monsoons. Even if you’re blessed with naturally healthy hair please avoid styling your hair in the rains, I mean I beg off you πŸ˜›

Conditioning regularly is vital

Elevated humidity in the air leads your hair to be more coarse, dry and frizzy. Even my ultra soft hair becomes a Bird’s nest sometimes in the Rainy season :-/ huh! Why the hell does that happen I absolutely hate it. So what I religiously follow is my conditioning regimen. Not only the regular conditioning but I also apply a hair mask twice in a week which I do once in a week in the normal days. So never avoid conditioning even if you’re getting late.


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Some Other Tips are :

  • Use wide-toothed comb
  • DonÒ€ℒt tie your hair when itÒ€ℒs wet
  • Pat your hair dry before using a blow dryer
  • Do not share combs
  • Go for short hair cuts if your hair is long
  • And if you have dandruff problems then i’d recommend not opting for Anti- dandruff shampoos, go to a trichologist instead.

See you all the next time. I hope you keep your hair healthy and beautiful this season. πŸ™‚

What are your monsoon hair care tips?

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