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Ever since I got into make-up, I’ve had a thing for matte lip colors. But if you thought glossy lip colors are hard to keep then matte lips are harder! although glosses come with a lot of issues such as transferring, bleeding, not staying put and less wear time, matte lips score well in this regard. Matte lip colors are generally longer staying, do not budge, bleed and transfer much. But it requires a whole lot of ‘before’ and ‘after rituals to be followed for that perfect matte lips. Over the time, I’ve managed a few tips and tricks to my perfect matte lips and am more than glad to share it with you all beautiful ladies. A few of you might be know, tried and tested and a few are out of my own experiences.


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  • You can never have a perfect matte pout unless you exfoliate your lips well in advance.  Exfoliate your lips before and after wearing a matte lip color.
  • You need to moisturize your lips and wait for sometime and put the lip color on just before the balm is completely dry/ absorbed. just as you would do with your glue when you are sticking something so that it adheres well, remember?
  • Apply the color, apply a lip balm over it and blot, then apply the color and blot again and then apply the lip color again πŸ˜› sorry but it’s worth it.
  • If your matte lippie flakes and sticks to your lips in bits then it’s not the right formula, nevertheless, you can mix the lip color with a bit of balm on the back of your hand and the use a lip brush to apply the color. It applies evenly and doesn’t flake.
  • If your lips feel taut after some time, then as soon as you apply your matte lip color in the above mentioned method, smile wide and then apply again and top it with a light, very light lip balm.
  • Ok, so this one is my personal favorite πŸ˜‰ get yourself a super matter nude lip color. use it as a base for your lippies to get that matte effect. it really helps, I use one matte nude lip color as a base to mattify any lip color in my stash. It even helps the lip color stay for long, it intensfies the color and gives me a soft matte effect.
  • You need to keep your lips hydrated if you want them to look plump even with a matte lip color on. As matte lips usually make your lips appear thinner than they are.
  • You cannot do any ‘touch-up’ to your matte lips. Only one way, wipe it off completely and then apply a fresh layer on.
  • If you have visible lip lines then wearing mattes is a little tricky. Even after going the above mentioned way you cannot really make matte lips work without a little more effort. You need to smoothen out the lip lines before you start. After exfoliating your lips, rub an ice cube covered in a cloth on the lips for a couple of minutes and then massage them with a few crushed mint leaves. leave it on for sometime, wipe off and put on the lip balm. Now you can continue with the application.
  • You all might be aware of the translucent powder trick, but let me remind you again. After applying the lip color just as you would, dab on a bit of translucent powder carefully on the lips and then layer the lip color once again and after that you can continue with the blotting if you wish to. You can use a same color eyeshadow or blush in place of the translucent powder to get the same and better results. I prefer translucnet powder more as eye shadows and blushes are pretty heavy in themselves where as translucent powders are meant to be used on top of makeup. How To Get Perfect Matte Lips.

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This is how I make my matte lips work girls πŸ™‚ I hope to learn a lot more new tips from you all in the comment section. Also, do let me know how you like the above mentioned points and which ones have you tried?

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  1. Wow Shale it’s hard to believe u got into makeup only recently 😯 U sound like a pro gurl :-)) Fab post n very well written :yes:

  2. Shale this is so informative.. thanks for posting it dear :))

    And Exfoliation and moisturising the lips is must for matte lips.. πŸ˜€ thanks for posting honey :-*

  3. This post is sooo informative and well written…i think its time i rethink about my matte lippies which are lying untouched in my vanity πŸ™‚

  4. Awesome post shale… Even i believe, scrubing your lips before applying a lip shade that too a matte one is of great importance.. To cover the visible lip line trick is great..


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