5 Tips To Avoid Chemicals In Your Bath & Makeup


5 Tips To Avoid Chemicals In Your Bath & Makeup

Hi beauties,

I have some important information to share, we use a lot of makes up, shampoos, conditioners. Apart from damaging our ecological system, there are many other harmful things that these things can cause to our body internally.

A tip, always recycle your empty bottles like separating trash and putting them in recyclable bins, so that we do something for the environment.

Moving on the chemicals in our toiletries and make up, here are some quick things to look for, it will help you stay healthy in long term.

Opt parabens free shampoos and conditioners:


parabens in products


Parabens are preservatives which are used to make the shelf life longer of the beauty products, I look for parabens free tag on each of shampoos and conditioners, but only few of the brands make parabens free stuff. Parabens are commonly named as methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben and isobutylparabe. Even conditioners, make up items all have parabens. I suggest opting fot organic products, but mind you they have to be thrown away a bit quickly.

Parabens are supposed to be cancerous (mostly breast cancer), and prolonged usage can cause mutation of cells, leading to diseases. Thus women are more susceptible to parabens, difficult world for us, isn’t it?

Mineral oil in your babies oil?




Don’t we all use Johnson and Johnson baby oils for the little ones? And I had been using it for removing make-up. But mineral oil is something which is totally foreign to our skin, it blocks the breathing of skin and does not let it remove toxins, it forms a layer on our skin and blocks absorption of vitamin D. Instead I suggest use, olive oil, coconut oil or even ghee is a safe option.

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SLS and SLES in shampoos:




I know we cannot avoid this one, as Sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) or sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES) is omnipresent in all shampoo. It is a foaming agent which helps making lather when we shampoo our hair. SLS and SLES are cheap surfactants which is the precise reason we have those major hair loss and hair greying. In India, khadi manufactures SLS and parabens free shampoo, stick to those if they suit you.

Opt for non condemic make up products:

All non-condemic make up products clog pores and is supposed to give way to pimples, but thankfully now a days most of the make up in non condemic. There are many ingredients which are condemic, few names to watch out is for: Algae extracts, Cetearyl Alcohol, Octyl Palmitate. However some ingredients do not cause any irritation to some, thus, always opt for non condemic make up in terms of face powders, foundations, primers etc.

Heavily fragrance filled fabric softners/detergents:

I know this is not going to be used on your skin, but do you realize that we wear clothes which touch our skin. We wear undergarments washed in fragrance loaded detergents, conditioners, it is a pity how these company’s come out with so many varieties which are harmful both to you as well our ecological system.

Do remember these fragrances are nothing but chemicals, they cause skin irritation, some are cancerous and on top of that, they are washed away in our oceans destroying the sea life.

We pay so much for the new fragrances, why so? Instead opt for plain detergents, no conditioners as in the long run, it will maintain your health and your surroundings.




If you like fabric softeners, make one at home, take 500 ml of white vinegar, add few (10-12) drops of any of your favorite essential oil. Add a dash of mint or any herb which has nice fragrance.

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