5 Tips To Get Rid Of Dark Knee Caps


5 Tips To Get Rid Of Dark Knee Caps


Does having dark knee caps make you conscious and leave you with a feeling of uncertainty about your appearance? You miss wearing your favorite clothes donÒ€ℒt u? Then you’ve come at the right place ’cause I have you covered here πŸ˜‰

Let me share with you 5 easy tips which will help you get rid of your dark knee caps.

Tip 1 – Get Rid Of Dark Knee Caps

Always apply sunscreen on your knees when you go out. The harsh UV rays of the sun make your knees darker. Thus, protecting your knees from the sun is very important.


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Tip 2 – Get Rid Of Dark Knee Caps

Apply any ointment containing Vitamin E to your knees. Vitamin E does wonders in repairing the skin.


Vitamin e benefits skin


Tip 3 – Get Rid Of Dark Knee Caps

Hydrogen Peroxide helps in removing the dark, dead skin cells too. Apply DILUTED Hydrogen peroxide to your knees using a cotton ball and massage for 15 minutes. You will see the dark dead skin coming off.

Tip 4 – Get Rid Of Dark Knee Caps

Make a gritty paste of almonds and scrub your knees with it to remove the dead skin cells. Almonds also contain Vitamin E. It will help in repairing the skin around your knee area and get rid of the darkness.


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Tip 5 – Get Rid Of Dark Knee Caps

Exfoliate your knees using a pumice stone every day. It helps in removing the dark, dead skin cells.


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How did you like these tips? Were they helpful?

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  1. just what i was looking for:)….thanks so much shivangi and even baking soda with lemon works wonders..i use glycerine and lemon serum…perfection in a bottle…:) keeps them so soft and great even for elbows too

    • I am glad this helped you πŸ˜€ yes, glycerine and lemon with some gulab jal is a magic potion for all skin problems. I use that as a moisturizer in winters. Can’t tell how amazingly my skin loves it.


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