Plain to Glam – 5 Easy tricks


1. Glam up your eyes

You need a right amount of oomph, yet don’t want to go overboard? You want that shimmer on the eye but don’t want it all over. Plain matte eye liner is boring?? Here is a trick to have the cake and eat it too.

Apply your favourite eyeliner in gel or liquid or pencil. Get the desired shape. When it is still a little wet and not completely set. Just press / dab your shimmery powder eyeshadow on it. The eyeshadow will hold on to the liner and there you go. You may use a similar color shade or a contrasting one. Check what I did.


Makeup tricks - Glam up your eyes+makeup tips and tricks

Products used:


Glam up your eyes - products used+makeup tricks and tips


2. Ombre lips

Use 2 different lipstick shades in similar colors, one dark and one slightly lighter.

Start from outside to inside. Dark colour on the outside lighter on the inside. Use a lip brush for precision. NOTE: Do not rub your lips.


makeup tricks - Ombre lips+how to do makeup


Product used:


Ombre lips - products used+makeup tips


** Sorry didn’t click pics of all the product. I forgot 😛

3. Shine the tips for the red carpet manicure look.

You are wearing your favourite nail color. Pick a shimmery gold or silver nail color and apply lightly to the tip. Note: apply it vertically from top to bottom, NOT Horizontally. Don’t worry about precision. They will look good anyway. Don’t forget to seal it with a top coat.


Makeup tricks - Shine the tips for the red carpet manicure look+make up tips


Product used:


4. Double duty products.

Don’t have your Eyeshadow handy? Pull your cream blush out and go dab dab dab on your eyelids. Finish with a eyeliner for the little color your eyes.

Product used:


Makeup tricks - blush as eyeshadow+eye makeup ideas


Forgot your blush home? Do not fret. Use your pink/ red/ orange lippy for those matching cheeks.

Product used:

  • Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick in Passionate


Makeup tricks - lipstick as blush+how to do your makeup


No Mascara is no Massacre! Use your liquid eyeliner in black and Eyebrow brush.

Product used:


Makeup tricks - black eyeliner as mascara+how to put on makeup


5. Soften the harsh lines.

Don’t like the razor sharp lines on your cat eyes? Want a more subtle look, yet well defined eyes? For a more natural look apply a black eyeshadow powder over your black liquid eyeliner and get a soft definition of your lined eyes.


Makeup tricks - Soften the harsh lines+makeup techniques


Product used:

  • Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Eyeliner
  • Blackout Eyeshadow from Naked 2 Palette
  • Lakme Absolute Angled Eyeshadow brush


Soften the harsh lines - products used+make up tricks


What are the tricks you follow?

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  1. Gr8 tips!! Am going to try the nail one first. My additon to this would be to try this on day 2 or day 3 after applying the main color. By then my polish usually chips around the edges. Addiing the second layer then would mean getting 2-3 days of dditional wear.

  2. Fab tips..One precaution from side.If you have oily skin then dont forget to dab some loose powder on the lipstick used as a blush trick..

  3. Awesome tips Avanti . I have used all of these at one occasion or other ! BTW, thanks for Gurmeet’s reference. Had to travel 30 kms for it but it was definitely worth it 🙂 ! I thanked you yesterday too but seems you did not read my comment. So , thanks again 🙂

      • I did a facial Avanti , it was such a relief ! Waxing, threading and pedicure too. I took her membership card too :). From next time, m gonna do hair spa as well along with these routine chores ! One full day in 3-4 weeks , i will spend there 😛

          • I like her personalised services. I lived in Blore for 13 years and all the year I went to her for every damn service except haircuts. I have tried her but I like my stylist better.
            Infact, till date I go to him only for haircuts when I am in Blore.
            Yes I was there to visit my parents 🙂


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