5 Tips To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger



5 Tips for Making Small Eyes Look Bigger


Hey everyone, how are you? Well today’s post will be really helpful to a lot of people. I have struggled all my life with m y small eyes. Though I love them but you know they end up looking tiny miny in the pictures. But after a lot of practice and experiment I have mastered the art of making my eyes look bigger, even I observed the difference. What you need to so is read the post till the end and you’ll have bigger looking eyes 🙂


Well avoid dark colors as much as you can. I am not saying that people with smaller eyes can’t wear darker colors. You can but not in the way like your eyes are dipped into a black eyeshadow or blue eye shadow. You should wear the darker colors smartly. Like only on your outer V and leave the eye-lids for more light color such as a pretty champagne gold. If you’re doing a day look, just do a single light colored eyeshadow and a pretty winged eye-liner (*notice the difference instantly*) And always highlight your brow bone and inner corner with lighter and shiny colors.


urban decay naked3


Let White Be Your BFF!

Yes! You hear me right. Buy all those white, off white and beige eye-liner pencils in the market. And don’t, just don’t put a kohl on your waterline. Lining the waterline with lighter colors create an illusion of bigger eyes. And if you can’t live without your black kohl then apply it only on the lower-lash line going wider on the outer-corners.

Don’t Do The Eye-Liner Thick

This is one the most common mistake made my people who are trying to make their eyes look bigger. My dear girlfriends don’t put all that black thing on your eyes, let them have some space 😛 keep your eye-liner medium to thin. First of all understand your eye-shape and know from where you want to extend them. For an example if you want your eyes to look enlarged from the center then do the eye-liner thicker in that part. Line your eyes as close as you can to the lash line an then make the eye-liner thick.


Urban decay naked palette 1 eye makeup


False Eyelashes

They really are saviours for people like me. So if you are dolling up for a party and want your eyes to grab some eye-balls 😛 then put on a pair of false eyelashes. Make sure the ones you are using have a natural look because the dramatic ones won’t let your eyes show up. They have the length and volume of their own and they’ll cover your eyes (*almost like a curtain*). And if you aren’t applying false eyelashes then curl up your wings (*apparently your eyelashes :-P*) and wear loads of mascara.


false eyelashes india


Brows Are In

Bold eyebrows are not only in-trend, but they really make the difference in how your overall face looks. Neatly defined brows frame the shape and also gathers a hell lot of attention to the eyes. If you don’t want to go bold make sure you fill your eyebrows *always*. Don’t fill them with black pencil :-/ though we Indians consider our brows to be black but they aren’t. Filling the eye-brows with brown pencil or brow powder gives them a natural look and not what you saw in Retro movies 😛 those crisp eye-brows looked like they were drawn from liquid eye-liners.


how to fill brow


Hope you all enjoyed my post and I’ll do more tips and tricks for every eye-shape and color if you liked this one. Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

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  1. These are for me, generally i am not eye makeup person, but recently in to it, these tips going to help me, thanks a lot, nice post

  2. Aaaayushiii 😛 such an awesome post <3 you picked up the right trend of white eyeliners! And now we are close buddies hehe 😀 tadatadtada 😉

  3. I have those tiny miny eyes that u mentioned 😉 I have been following some tips but not all.. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    BTW the Burt Bees’ lip balm u suggested me to use for tanned lips, it is working so well.. My tan is 60% gone and my lips seem to get life back in them.. Thanks a lot again dear 🙂

    • M soooo glad that it worked for u.. :-* Your most welcome. And btw one tip for ur photographs, try closing ur eyes before getting clicked then open them just before the click 😀

  4. awesome tips. btw small eyes r also b’ful. i have seen some koreans with small eyes colored black and looking masallah


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