5 Tips To Make You Ready For The Party Instantly


5 Tips To Make You Ready For The Party Instantly

Okay, so you have been really lazy all the day when suddenly a close friend calls up for a party and you are like stressed on how to manage washing and blow drying you hair! And you cannot go out in that bad hair at all as that would be so unappealing!

Usually I am not a makeup person at all and because my husband is not always around I don’t deck up that much on a daily basis and do it only when someone is coming over or I am going anywhere. And these last minute party ideas are like death sentence for me as I need to know about 3-4 days in advance for any outing as my hair looks best and manageable on the second day itself so I can schedule that easily. Makeup wise, if I have very few minutes I really don’t know what else to do except apply a compact powder along with a lip gloss. No lipstick for me in such emergencies!

Well, It happens with almost every body and so I thought why not talk about some quick fix tips to get ready for the party instantly! 🙂

So, lets put it up together are follows-

Splash Water on your face-

Woman Washing Face ca. 2001

Well, you literally don’t have that much time to take a shower and do your makeup and dress up! So skip the bathing and apply a mild fragrance. Splash water on your face to re-freshen your dull skin. Pat dry and apply a moisturizer.

Decide on the Dress and Shoes-

done by none dresses blogger

Choose a dress which doesn’t take much time in wearing it like a saree of any other elaborate dress will take time. Pick a one piece gown or a sheath/ skater dress and complimenting shoes and keep aside. Keep the accessories minimal with a pair of earrings or only a statement necklace. Also keep your arm candies ready in case you have some time after dressing up, you can put them for a more party-ready look!

earrings and accessories

Quick Hair style-

Hair Gold Accessories -Gold Bumble Bee Bobby Pin

If you hair is long then you can simply put it as  messy side braid and finish it up with a band. Well, on bad hair days it is better to tie it in a loose messy bun and accessorize it with a flower or a decorative head accessory like a head band or a beautiful bow clip!

Hair accessories

Easy Makeup-

tarte amazonian clay blush in natural beauty review

Don’t go for an elaborate makeup and just do some basics! Firstly apply a primer to let the products look natural on the skin and easy to blend in such a hurry. Apply a BB or CC Cream and swirl some blush on the cheeks. Put on a shimmer based eye shadow and line it up with a deep eyeliner. You may also put false eyelashes for a more attractive eye look.

Top it up with a bright and bold lip color which is smudge proof and long lasting!

Gold neck piece for black dress

Put Everything together-

Dress up and wear your shoes. Give a light hand blow dry to your front hair to make it look fresh and natural. Put on the arm accessories if you think the look is incomplete. And wear a beautiful smile! This would just be the perfect tip to make you look ready for the fun!


I hope you like these tips for an instant party look any given day! So don’t fret over on how less time you have but just follow these steps to the beautiful you in less than 20 minutes!

Have you tried these tips to get ready for the party Instantly?

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