5 Tips To Save Yourself From Monsoon Bad Hair Day


Come monsoon and there are a few things I dread. Here is my list:

  1. Water clogging and bad roads in Mumbai
  2. Earth worms everywhere
  3. Chip Chip and mulch everywhere
  4. Bad hair day

Well I am not sure how do I fix the first 3 problems, but I certainly can deal with the Bad hair day problem. I have dry hair and oily scalp problem round the year, but in monsoon due to the humidity in the air my hair don’t dry up naturally and become oily and absolutely refuse to behave. I have to tame them to avoid a bad hair day.  And here is what I do.

  • Blow hot blow cold.  I shampoo my hair every second day. Very religiously. But since they do not dry up naturally because of humidity in the air they tend to become oily and sticky. So I ensure that I blow dry my hair with cool air, every time I wash them. I generally do not use the dryer often and avoid heat, but I need it during the rains. I ensure I cool dry and not use heat. Incase you do not have the option of cool air in your dryer. Keep the dryer at a distance so the heat impact isn’t much. It will take time to dry the hair but it works.

monsoon bad hair day_Blow hot blow cold+natural hair care

  • Wash it dry: Use a dry shampoo the following day of your hair wash. There are many options available in the market. My not work 100% but is a good temporary solution to oily sticky hair.

monsoon bad hair day_Wash it dry+hair care tips

  • Lighten it: Use a light formula of hair oil. I use a Dove Elixir which is a very light formula and washes off easily. Oils like Almond and Castor are sticky and heavy and will stay on for long on the hair and hence make it appear sticky even after wash.

monsoon bad hair day_Lighten it+dove hair care

  • Just the mane: I have dry hair and oily scalp problem, and this problem worsens in monsoon. So in monsoons I oil only my hair and avoid my scalp fully.

monsoon bad hair day_Just the mane+dry hair care

  • Tie it up: The quickest way to save you from bad hair day is tie it up or cover it up. A lovely hat/ cap can be a great accessory. And you can never go wrong with high pony or a side swept pony. Only adds to your cuteness quotient 🙂

monsoon bad hair day_Tie it up+long hair care

What is your fool proof idea to save yourself from the monsoon bad hair day??

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  1. Useful post bo..d accessory def does add t ur cuteness quo..my dryer disnt hav a cold wala option…n I hardly use it coz I feel it just dries up my hair…will hav t chk out some new ones…which dryer d u use?

  2. Nice post , dry shampoo is my saviour , not only in monsoon but always.

    In fact i use a homemade one I will send a post to ana soon:)

  3. Hi.. tht was an amazing post. i hav the same hair kind.. dry hair oily scalp.
    can i ask you a question.. which shampoo do you use? i have tried many but nothing works to satisfaction. though i wash my hair everyday i become a champu by the end of the day..


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