5 Tips To Survive Summer With Makeup


By Ayushi Jindal

5 Tips to Survive Summer with Makeup


Hey you all Beauty geeks, how are you doing this summer? I thought this heat will pass by soon and till then I can rest under my roof but the temperature doesn’t wants to drop 🙁 Ohh Please I request you SuryaDev Please Keep Calm and drink some shikanji :-D. Coming back to Makeup 😛 for which this post is meant :-D. Today I present you my top 5 summer makeup tips, I am one of those people who can’t step out without wearing basic makeup. But everything melts off in this heat :-(. You need not worry now follow these tips and you are good to go.

Getting your Base Summer Proof

So girls this is the most important part let’s start. I will suggest you to wear a tinted sunscreen after you apply your favorite moisturizer. I recommend Lotus Herbals Safe Sun (you may choose the Spf according to you). This sunscreen has a lil bit of tint in it which helps the skin look more even toned. After this gets absorbed you need not worry about those foundations dripping off. Yay!


Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Collagen Shield Sunblock SPF 90 Review tube+natural sunscreen


If you’re a Foundation girl and can’t step out without foundation then I’ll suggest using a matte and oil control foundation and setting it with a loose powder.

Recommended Foundation- L’oreal Infalliable


l oreal paris foundation reviews+L'oreal foundations reviews


My favourite Cheat Trick – To make your base waterproof after applying the loose powder take a spray bottle and spray a pump of water on your face (yes I mean it). After that dab a tissue all over, then even out everything using a stippling brush in circular motion. This will also make your base makeup look flawless.

Try this trick immediately and let me know if this works for you 🙂

Use a Melt-proof Gel Liner

Are you tired of those panda eyes because of your oily eyelids? (I know this sounds like a cheeky Ad :-D) So here’s what you can do- after dabbing some loose powder on your eyelids apply a gel eyeliner to line your eyes. I recommend Bobbi Brown’s Gel Eyeliner which glides on beautifully and stays on the place forever. You can use a kohl if you want just dab some black matte eyeshadow over it. Remember those powdery kohls come handy in summers they don’t melt atleast :-P.

My Cheat trick for Eyeshadows- if you want to wear Eyeshadows then layer cream over powder. Trust me your eyeshadows will last longer without melting.




Use Lip & Cheek Stains

In my opinion these were made for Summers. They are a match made in heaven. Those liquidy stains stays on your cheeks and lips all day long and also give you a natural flush of color. Just don’t overdo them, yeah I know they can be tricky sometimes but I’ll give you a trick in the end :P. I recommend The Body Shop’s Lip and Cheek Tints if you look for something easily available. Other than those Benefit’s Benetint, Poisetint and Chachatint are absolute heroes.

My Cheat Trick- To give your cheeks more natural look apply your tint/stain before your base makeup. This will tone down the intensity and also you don’t have to remove all your makeup if something goes wrong.


BENEFIT Posietint Lip Cheek Stain Review+lip cheek stain


Use Waterproof Mascara

Mascara is an essential part of my daily makeup routine. They make your eyes pop. Using a waterproof mascara in summer is one thing that everybody should know. Some people don’t like waterproof mascara because of the clumping issues with them. I suggest Maybelline Falsies and MAC False Lashes Mascara. J

My Cheat Trick- If you don’t want to wear a Mascara no worries then you can use the eyelash curler to make your eyes pop. Follow these steps-

  • Curl your lashes in 3 parts i.e. Roots, Centre, Top.
  • Hold your curler for 3 seconds at every part.
  • Brush your lashes with a Mascara Brush.


MUA Mascara Black


Keep Oil Blotting Sheets Handy

These can be your saviour any moment. Keep on pack everywhere like you keep you lip balms. Oil blotting sheets will save to an extent from a minor makeup breakdown. Though there are less chances of having a breakdown if you have read this post completely 😛

My Cheat Trick- Use a tissue paper if you forget taking your oil-blotting sheets along. Make sure the tissue you are using is clean and soft enough for your skin.


NYX Matte Blotting Paper Review+oil skin remedies


Hope you all liked this post. Do let me know in the comments below even if it was fun to read. 😀

See you all the next time.

How are you making your makeup survive this summer?

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  1. Hey they are very handy to use specially in summers. They don’t dry ur skin out Coz u only need to dab them only on those areas which turn shiny. Like on the T-zone and chin area.

  2. These are some great tips, I especially loved the eye shadow and spraying water one, cant wait to try them and blotting sheets are my best friends for summers as well :))


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