5 Tools For Nail Art Dotting


5 Tools For Nail Art Dotting

Painting nails is a great way to look primped. Now with ever increasing popularity of nail arts, coloring your nails in a single color may not seem appealing to every girl. There is no doubt that nail arts make nails look way better if done well.

diy nail art dotter

Doing nail at requires some tools and dotting is one of the most popular and easiest ways to do nail art. You can buy nail art dotting tools but they are not easily available everywhere and can be expensive too. But this will not stop you from dotting your nails now as you can your own tools for nail art dotting-

Pin and Pencil For Nail Art Dotting

diy nail art dotting tools

You can use a straight pin commonly known as All-pin as a nail art dotting tool. It is tricky to hold thin and pointed pins and the point may hurt you as well. For convenience, take a pencil that has an eraser at one end. Stick the pins in the eraser and you have your long and easy to use nail dotter.

Straight pins are of various types, some have balls at one end and while others are flat. Differet types of pins will give you different sizes of nail dotting tools.

Ball Point Pen For Nail Art Dotting


make your own nail art dotter

This is a super simple way to make your own nail dotters. Ball pens are ubiquitous in every house. Take any one which has no ink left. Simply dip the point into nail polish and dot your nails.

Ball point pens also have different sizes of tips and that can easily be used to make dots of varying sizes. You can also use pens that have ink but the ink may stain your nails so it will be better if you use an empty ball point pen as a nail art dotting tool.

Bobby Pin For Nail Art Dotting


nail art dotter

You definitely have a whole lot of bobby pins in your dresser but have you ever thought that these humble hair accessories can double up as nail art dotters? Bobby pins have two spherical ends two prevent you from poking yourself. These rounded ends can be used to dot nails.

Pull a bobby pin to get an L-shaped nail dotter. You can also pull it all the way to make a straight nail art dotting tool. Different bobby pins give different dot sizes.

Toothpick/Needle/ Paint Brush For Nail Art Dotting


toothpick as nail art dotter

Toothpicks are quite pointed and can easily be used for nail dotting. You can also file the tips of toothpick to get a finer dot. Filing can also yield various tip sizes.

A needle is also a good nail art dotter. Use longer needles or use knitting needles to dot your nails.

The other end of a paint brush can be used for dotting nails. We have used to dot our artworks and can do the same for our nails.

Band Aid For Nail Art Dotting


nail art dotting tool

If you want just aligned dots instead of a particular location. you can use band-aid to get dotted nails. Apply your base color and let it dry. Put a band-aid on your nail. Place it completely flat. Now paint with over it with a nail color of which you want dots. Wait for the paint to dry and remove the band-aid. You will get well spaced and tiny dots on your nails.

What are your tools for nail art dotting?

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