5 Top Skin Spot Treatment Remedies


5 Skin Spot Treatment Remedies

Our skin is a very delicate tissue in the human body and practically acts as the barrier to the inner layer of the skin and protects it from damage. The skin being the outermost layer tends to get exposed to the outer environment and is very much prone to harmful effects of the external environment which includes damage from harmful sun rays, dust, pollution and other extrinsic factors.

The skin is genetically modified in such a manner so as to protect the inner dermal layer of the skin because damage to the outer layer can easily be recovered owing to the self replacing of the skin cells from time to time. But the inner dermal layer is permanent and damage to those tissues may leave the skin problematic and cannot be treated without a cosmetic procedure.

acne spots

There are various reasons which cause spots on the face such as exposure to the harmful sunrays cause freckles, dark spots and the excess production of oil from the sebaceous glands causes acne on the face which is mainly responsible for leaving spots on the face.

So it becomes necessary to treat skin imperfections in order to have a flawless skin. This post is all about some remedies to treat certain spots on the skin which degrade the beauty of the skin.

Spot Treatment mainly focuses only on the problematic areas of the face and skin and helps in treating that exclusively. Here are some remedies of spot treatment-

Synthetic Treatment

This type of treatment consists of topical lotions or chemical composition which is specific to act only on the target area of skin which is pigmented. These creams are purely chemical substances which are safe to use on the skin and give efficient results in a short span of time. These over the counter creams contains Salicylic Acid, Kojic Acid etc. which act on the dark spots and get rid of the rough and pigmented skin so that the new replenished layer of the skin is smooth & flawless. These treatments should be used only when prescribed by a dermatologist, if you have super sensitive skin so that they don’t create further skin complications.

kojic acid

Specific Treatment - Benzoyl Peroxide & Sodium Bicarbonate/ baking soda

Benzoyl Peroxide & Sodium Bicarbonate/ baking soda are commonly employed remedies for reducing spots on the face. These are laboratory preparations and tend to work on the damaged skin rather than a normal skin. These treatments should be followed to get rid of scar spots or acne spots only and are not meant to be applied on the whole skin as they are potential substances which remove the outermost dark layer of the skin so that a new epidermis is formed which is free from any spots.

topical creams

Essential Oil Treatment

Essential oils from plants like Thyme, Rosemary, Mint, Tea Tree etc. are known for the lightening properties when applied on the skin. These essential oils are safe and purely devoid of any side effects. These essential oils have anti-microbial properties which tend to protect the skin layer from acne & pimples caused by bacterial infections. The essential oils like thyme and sandalwood are specifically utilized to lighten the skin tone and help in making the dark spot area appear lighter with regular usage.

Essential Oil treatment


Vitamins like A & C are known to reduce the pigmentation of the skin. Vitamin A is present in high amount in the retinol products available in the stores and they are quite effective in treating the spots on the face. Vitamin C is abundantly present in citrus fruits like Lemon, Avocado, oranges and that is the main reason that these fruits are used in the treatment of dark spots on the face using them in combination with other kitchen ingredients like honey, turmeric, gram flour etc.

vitamin C treatment

Vitamin E is also known to lighten the skin so substances like mustard seeds, almonds, olive oil on the skin in the form of topical pastes and mixtures act effectively on the skin.

SPF Protection

In my opinion the dark spots like freckles on the skin are predominantly caused because of the excess melanin production when the skin comes in contact with the harmful UV rays of the sun. And as it is rightly said that ‘Prevention is better than cure’ so to avoid any further dark spots, other than the existing ones, it is advisable to use a sun block lotion which has a high SPF value as it protects the skin and acts as a barrier for the skin and inhibits the process of melanin formation.

dark spots due to sunrays

These are a few spot treatment remedies which are quite popularly followed by many people to achieve a flawless and spotless beautiful skin.

How do you treat skin spots?

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  1. Hey great post Ira.. I have dark spots and have already been using some spot treatments.. Will surely try the ones you have listed.. 🙂

  2. Another awesome piece of work..luv the post.
    Pls calrify my doubt Iru-Is using Kojic Acid for long say 3-4 months harmful for the skin?

  3. Not at all Ruhee..
    I underwent a course of 8 months as prescribed by my dermatologist..During that time I had to take vitamin supplements and a kojic acid cream..and my skin was better than ever..
    Keep track of the concentration of kojic acid in the topical cream. It helps in o lightening the skin tone..so it works well for spot removal only and not for overall whitening..!


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