5 Types Of Messenger Bag: What makes them so special & Sexy ??


The Messenger Bag: What makes them so special??

I recall messenger bags coming into fashion when I was in 11th grade. I’m sure you must all remember those single strap bags which we could haul over our head and across our torso. I’d whined and nagged until my parents got me one of them as opposed to the more logical dual strap bags we’d carry. I was so happy to get it and flaunted it big time.

Now after so many years after college (err…I’m not THAT old), I’ve realised that messenger bags aren’t just bags for school and college goers…Infact, there are used by everyone! From teeny boppers to corporate divas, to even the hunkiest of men..Yes MEN! Every one these days has atleast one messenger bag in their kitty.


So essentially, what is a Messenger Bag?

Messenger bags refers to the bags that were used by bicycle messengers/ courier guys carry. They typically have a shoulder strap so the bag can be worn across the torso with the bag hanging down at your side or slung onto your back.

These bags are usually rectangular in shape with enough space for magazines, courier-size envelopes, and anything else that a messenger might need to put into their bag. The closure of a messenger bag typically comes in the form of a large front flap that either closes with buckles, velcro, or other type of fastener.


Now ofcourse times have changed and messenger bags have become more of a fashion statement than the utility based bag it was intended to be.

Why are Messenger Bags so ‘IN’ & What makes them so special?

In my opinion, messenger bags are special for 3 simple reasons:

  • People from any age groups can wear them – I have seen college goers use them, office goers using them to carry their laptops and even older ladies carrying these while on their nightly walks.
  • They can transform the simplest of outfits to a trendy one. I have seen such bags make a simple white Tee and blue denims look cool and trendy.
  • They have acres of storage space. One can use it to carry their laptop and other articles for daily use easily.

Apart from this, ofcourse you have the fact that they have become a fashion statement and are exceedingly easy to use. No more struggles to shrug the bag off your shoulder and unzip and rummage through. Now one just has to open the flap and pick out the article one needs.


What to Look for in a Messenger Bag

 Yea, yea…we usually want the bags with either the coolest color or the ‘IN’ brand or just the right material….but what are the extra things to look at while buying one of these bags???

  • Check the length and cushions of the shoulder strap
  • Check the adjustablity mechanism of these straps
  • Ensure you have the number of compartments you usually like and need.
  • If you’re buying one for work then ensure it has a separate compartment for your laptop.
  • Waterproof material
  • For bikers especially: cross strap for stabilization and reflectors for nighttime visibility

Different Styles of Messenger Bags

  • For School/ College

This can be funky kind of messenger bags which are available in a plethora of colors and have a lot of compartments and spaces and slots for your stationery and a mesh side slot for a water bottle. These are usually made of PVC, denim or any light water proof material and can have a lot of embellishments and metal work don on it to promote fashion.

messenger bag  college

  • For Work/ Official use

These tend to be classier versions of the messenger bag. Nowadays one can find leather or suede messenger bags made especially for the work place. These contain a separate removable laptop sleeve and atleast 2 dividers to store your important documents and stationery.

messenger bag Leather

  • For Biking

The true messenger bags will strap tight across your chest and fall across your back. This type of messenger bag is great for bikers because it will stay put as you ride. They would also have a slot for water bottles and reflective stickers so as to be visible during the night.

messenger bag Biker

  • All Purpose Messenger Bags

These are the most popular by far. They come in various material, most commonly suede and PVC and even resin. They usually have one large compartment with side and front zippered pockets. These can come in alot of colors…from matte toneon, the messenger world bag is your oyster 😉

Infact, there ere messenger bags which can even be carried as an evening purse…have a look..

messenger bag  evening

Spot the Celebs!


MB_vic beckham


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  1. Very detailed :makeup:

    I have seen people in my office using it….spotted some nice ones in Accessorize…
    Now i want :jittery: i want :jittery: i want :jittery:

  2. Even I love messenger bags! :yes: It goes so well with formal or casual wear. I have some which have ethnic prints on them too.. so that i can use it when i wear kurtis.. :dance-leftright:

  3. I like them too ana…esp when am attending a party or wedding. But for regular use i carry a million things in my bag n find long strapped bags easier to rummage through 🙂 Which is ur fav place to shop for bags ana?

  4. i luv luv messenger bags :inlove: coats, boots, n woolen cap n small messenger bag accros ur shoudler its chic n sexy 😀 awesum one zeeeeee :-* winters have cum m so exicited :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright:

  5. Nice post Zee: I bought a few of these slings bags, casual and party ones..quite in rage. I bought a few of those with a chain slings..those are quite hot in clubs too. And guess what: I got my man one of these too. I call it “Man purse” which he quite likes and carried it around on our holiday. :-))

  6. I love messenger bags – I have one from Nike that can be used to carry lappies as well – I carry it to office :).. But i really dislike brown leather bags – dunno why 🙂

    • me neither..i get a very oldie wala feeling when i use the brown ones..and i anyways dont like leather too much… 🙂

      ur can house a lappy too? i want one…My older bag broke and now i hafta carry 2 bags.. 🙁

  7. I love it 🙂 I always have a sling pouch across my shoulder whether shopping grocery or travelling, its so convinient! My second fav. is a back pack :yes:


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