5 Types Of Ombre Lips To Try!


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Lipstick fever never ends here and when it is summer it is all about different styles and ways to make your lips more beautiful. And what better way than Ombre? Ombre lip trend way back in 2015 end and is in full rage till now. There are a number of brands too which have manufactured Lipsticks to get those beautiful Ombre lips (Read Maybelline Lip Gradation range in this case). Well, I am particularly not a big fan of ombre lips and prefer my old-school lipstick style more, I love to see these styles when girls do and some of them look so amazing. And I know many of our beautiful readers love Ombre lips and so here I am with the Top 5 Ombre Lip trends that you must try. Dig in!

Top 5 Ombre Lips you must try!


Plump Vertical Ombre Lips 


Well, vertical ombre means placing the lip colours vertically one after another and then mix blend them like you do. To add to the plump, add some extra lip gloss to get that glossy effect. This can be a perfect look for a party where you want to steal the attention.


Creamy Horizontal Ombre

Horizontal ombre – well nothing but putting lipsticks horizontally over your lips and mix like you do for a regular ombre. This style looks super awesome as you have a greater width in your lips vertically and so you can place more than one colour. The colour fades as we move to the other part of the lip and this looks really stunning.

Reverse Gold Ombre Lips

Reverse gold ombre lips – the name is really suggestive of the style. The outer portions of the lips have gold colour to them while the inner portion can be red or pink or anything that suits your style.

Plump Romantic Ombre Lips

This type of Ombre lips involves one medium and one very deep colour. We place the light colour on the middle portion and then on the sides we place the deep colour and then blend them well. To add to the pop of plump lips, we top it over a gloss that makes the lips look plump and beautiful.

Classic Ombre Lips

Classic Ombre lips involve two matching or contrasting shades of lipsticks and placing them together on the lips. Then blend the two together to get the deep inside and faded outside look or vice versa as you please on your lips.

That’s all beauties! Hope you have liked the post.

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