5 Updos For Short Hair


5 Updos For Short Hair


Up dos look really elegant. Long hair rock up dos while short hair have difficulty in achieving these. But there are some buns that can be made on short hair. Here are five such hair dos that can be rocked by girls with short hair

Braids and buns

This look is perfect for short hair. It is easy to achieve also. Make multiple braids and pin them securely to sport an edgy look. This bun gives you the looks of a rockstar. It is great for college and outings.


short hairstyles for girls

Sleek bun

Start with smooth hair. Twist them and pin near the nape of your neck. You can sport this knot with or without a side fringe. This look will go well with an evening look.


short hairstyles

Bohemian chic

This look carries a carefree vibe. You can sport this beachy look anywhere you want. It is quick and simple. The wispy strands caress your face and give you an ethereal look.


short hair updo


Side messy bun

Take your hair on one side, twist and pin. You can make this hairstyle on teased hair or you can rub your bun after your bun is ready to get this lovely messy look. It is messy and hair is away from face at the same time.



hairstyles for short hair


Small knot

This look is very elegant and perfect for a formal setup. And also it can be worn to office, college or outings too. With some styling gel, this bun can be turned into a wet look as well.


small buns hair

These hair dos can be achieved even if you have layered hair. Try these on your hair and get a new look.

Do you have short hair? How do you style your short hair?

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  1. Super cool ideas. Just cut my hair so I can definitely try them. Its like u wrote them for meeee! Yayyyy and thAnksssss:-)


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